Built on Robust Technology, This App Revolutionizes Modern Marketing Systems People can use H3RO3S to perform tasks that earn them points and can be redeemed at participating businesses in a certain radius

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H3RO3S CEO Gregory Crous proved to have superpower-level smarts when he first pitched his concept to the international business community. This revolutionary app is a marketing tool, cryptocurrency and interactive task provider, all rolled into one sleek package. Here is a closer look at H3RO3S and its target audience.

A simple overview of the app: people can use it to perform tasks that earn them points and can be redeemed at participating businesses in a certain radius. Every user has a profile that includes feedback relating to their completion of a task. A map connects users based on matching talent to tasks, and the payment for these tasks is in-app points. Currently, H3RO3S has 45 talents and over 100 tasks. Additional features of the app include access to emergency numbers and a job board.

The marketing aspect of H3RO3S comes in with point redemption. The app's target audience are students, and its release during the pandemic was genius as it provided a method of social contact while supporting the fact that people had to distance themselves. Both friends and strangers could interact by requesting and completing tasks, and companies who participate in the rewards store get seen by a coveted customer base. H3RO3S draws people into stores, allowing them to experience the goods for sale with all of their senses rather than through a screen.

The flowchart of the three main parties flawlessly explains the marketing strategy. H3RO3S creates an affiliate program with businesses within a 1 KM radius of a university by requesting that the business offers a product or service free of charge to H3RO3S users. Those users pay a subscription fee of $10 per week for access to the app. When points are redeemed for the free product or service, a user must physically visit that business. The rewards on the redemption page are made available by H3RO3S for free to its users.

The goal of H3RO3S is to raise brand awareness of participating businesses, including the universities. Currently only available in the UK, H3RO3S has lofty expansion goals of becoming a globally implemented system based on the location of college campuses. One of the first steps of that goal is to be affiliated with all UK universities.

As for the viability of this goal, the odds are in favor of H3RO3S. According to insiders, the real-time payments market was valued at $6.8 billion in 2018 but is expected to reach $25.9 billion by 2023. That is tremendous growth potential, and the team at H3RO3S is standing by to be a part of it.

Note: Investment in cryptocurrency is subject to risk and readers should do their own due diligence. Entrepreneur Media does not endorse any such investment.

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