Call Uber To Contribute For Maharashtra Drought Relief We've made it easier for contributors by setting up an online campaign and working with our driver-partners to collect the cheque at their doorstep. - Uber official

By Ritu Kochar

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World Vision India

As the situation in Maharashtra worsens, we see more and more helping hands trying to bring relief to those 330 million people living in 18,000 villages affected by what has become as the state's worst drought in 100 years. But so much more needs to be done here.

Understanding this concern, taxi hailing app Uber has stepped ahead to make certain that whatever needs to be done reaches them faster and with ease. To achieve the same, Uber has joined hands with World Vision India for supporting the ongoing relief work in Maharashtra's drought-affected villages.

In a week-long campaign to generate funds, Uber will act as the collector of funds. This can be done both online and offline. For online, those who wish to make a contribution could go to the dedicated page created by Uber- - to make the donation. For offline, you need not even step out of the house as Uber provides you with on-demand collection of cheques through its app.

A new view called "UberAID' has been added to the app which runs daily from 11AM to 4PM. Though this, riders will be able to call for a cab to come and pick up their cheques. The cheques collected in favour of World Vision India will go towards the NGO's drought relief for Maharashtra.

Shailesh Sawlani, General Manager, Uber Mumbai, said, "There are over 1800 villages across Maharashtra that are facing acute water scarcity. It is a growing concern which needs immediate attention. Through our campaign UberAID in partnership with World Vision India, we aim to provide relief to over 100 households,"

Their goal is to reach Rs 4 Lacs which means 100 families supported. It's commendable that 43.6% of the donation has already been completed.

"We've made it easier for contributors by setting up an online campaign and working with our driver-partners to collect cheques at their doorstep. We urge Mumbaikars to be a part of this campaign and help make a difference. A small donation of Rs. 500-1000 can go a long way if we combine our efforts and give back to Maharashtra," Sawlani added.

The service is ongoing and will last till 7th May. It is, however, only available in Mumbai.

Commenting on the help by Uber, Kunal Shah, Director – Disaster Management of World Vision India said, "We are glad that Uber has decided to contribute to mitigating one of the most severe droughts India has faced in the recent past. Uber is using its expertise in prompt and hassle-free service to promote giving for a humanitarian cause. World Vision India has started its responses with Bhokar, aiming to reach 5000 beneficiaries. The first step is to provide drinking water, which is the most pressing concern at the moment. We believe that collaborative efforts are the key to making a significant change in the situation. The best results happen when the government, NGOs and civil society come together for a cause."
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Ritu Kochar

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