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E-Mobility Maestro: Mahesh Babu Mahesh suggests that one should prioritize creativity and innovation in product development and solutions during the initial stage of organisation.

By Priyanka Tanwer

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Mahesh Babu, CEO, Switch Mobility

In order to reduce emissions while facilitating mobility for a large number of people, Switch Mobility's SWITCH EiV22, India's first electric double-decker bus came into existence.

Mahesh Babu said that the company aimed at making a significant impact on the environment and society by introducing a novel product that could revolutionize urban transportation.

He said, "The product carries 86% more passengers, significantly reducing traffic congestion. With a 41% smaller footprint, it optimizes road space in crowded cities. This translates to a staggering 72 tons of carbon reduction and removes the equivalent emissions of 28 cars annually."

Speaking on identifying the customer needs, he said that we don't just listen to what customers say they need. "We actively uncover the needs they might not even know they have and address the root causes of those unmet and deeply seated customer needs," he added.

By direct interactions with customers, policymakers, regulators, and industry bodies, we gain a holistic understanding of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), which offers value throughout the product lifecycle to customers.

"This ensures our solutions are not just cost-effective at purchase but deliver long-term value and address the true needs of our customers," he added. Mahesh does not believe that creativity and business are two separate entities.

He said, "Creativity is perfectly integrated into all the business functions working towards a common objective of enhancing the value to our customers. We follow an Integrated Approach where creativity is championed. We don't just balance creativity and business; we leverage them both to achieve optimal results."

Mahesh suggests that one should prioritize creativity and innovation in product development and solutions during the initial stage of organisation. "Stay curious and open-minded. Explore new ideas and approaches to meet customer needs. This proactive approach will establish a strong foundation for growth and differentiation in the market," he added.

Number of people employed: 550+
Turnover: +75Cr (FY22-23)
Year of Inception: 2021

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