Find Out the Perks of Having a Large Following on Quora or Medium Sharing your experience and expertise on portals like Medium or Quora brings along with it a bunch of advantages mainly because of the kind of audience that these two websites cater to

By Mathew J Maniyamkott

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Unless you live in a place where there is no access to the Internet, it is impossible to have missed the rise of Quora and Medium. Quora is a question and answer site with a community of writers who pen down interesting content related to various fields. Its interface makes it a great place for people who like to read articles, especially the long-form ones as it is devoid of distractions.

With an estimated 190 million monthly users, contributors on Quora have bagged book deals, jobs and major writing opportunities. Rishabh Dev, Founder of Mapplinks Academy, a growth hacking training institute, is someone whose answers on Quora have fetched big dividends. He provides a free Growth Hacking course to his newsletter subscribers in a series of 9-10 emails which is loaded with information.

Rishabh's Method to Hack Quora

Being featured as a 'Top Writer' on Quora gives you a lot of bragging rights while portraying you as a thought leader. Rishabh's answers to questions on Growth Hacking soon gave him the 2nd position in the Top Writers list. He used Quora as a sales funnel to get email subscribers to MappLinks Academy, his growth hacking business.

The method to rank on Quora was to find questions related to Growth Hacking and write down answers that has a lot of value. The answer is ended with a link to the company's LinkedIn page. They even created a 'Quora Playbook' where they gave out the exact process they used to thrive on Quora.

Promoting Self by Courting Controversy on Reddit

Reddit, also called as the front page of the Internet is not a very forgiving place where people who self-promote themselves are given a hard time. Rishabh zeroed in on a bunch of subreddits that was on the topic Growth Hacking. He posted this on Reddit-"Want to make Noah Kagan look like a joke, learn Growth Hacking here" with a link to his free course. The point was to create controversy by taking a dig at Noah Kagan who is a legend in the Marketing circles, he is the founder of AppSumo, a deals website for online goods.

Mohit Mamoria, also called as the 'Blockchain Boy' achieved unbridled fame with a single article on Medium, the no-frills publishing website which is the rage now for its minimalistic design and other features. Medium was founded in September 25, 2012 by Evan Williams who is also famous for being the Twitter CEO who displaced Jack Dorsey.

Claim to Fame on Medium

Mohit's 3500-word article titled 'WTF is Blockchain' was shared on Twitter by the who's who of the Blockchain world when it was published on Medium. If someone likes an article on Medium, you can use the 'clap' feature. The said article has received 22,000+ claps as of writing this article.

This ensured that a lot of online publications wanted to syndicate this article which led to a lot of various speaking engagements. Follower count on Medium and Twitter increased and his newsletter subscriber count went from 300 to 10,000+ in under 3 months.

"This single article helped my stature and helped me launch Authorito Capital, our hedge fund. We are reaching towards closing $50 million as our first fund. If it weren't for the following I amassed on Medium and Twitter, we would still be spending huge chunks of money to market our venture and convincing people to trust us. Because I was able to educate a lot of people through my content, the trust got built", says Mohit.

Sharing your experience and expertise on portals like Medium or Quora brings along with it a bunch of advantages mainly because of the kind of audience that these two websites cater to. Quora is known for its highly engaged audience and it is a good platform if you want to come across as an authority in your field, you can also use it to drive traffic to your business. A lot of the major publications syndicate directly from Quora and Medium and most of the questions show up in google searches as well.

Mathew J Maniyamkott

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