HyperTest Raises $1.5 Million In Seed Funding

The fund raised will be utilized to capture a slice of the multibillion-dollar market for testing and stability of modern API-first applications

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Gurugram-based API testing startup HyperTest has raised $1.5 million in its Seed funding round led by Better Capital. Other prominent angel investors including Manasij Ganguli (Threadsol), Vibhu Garg (founder, Unicommerce), Prashant Kumar (founder, Unbxd), Karthik Murugesan (CTO, Sequoia Consulting Group), Vijay Seshadri (angel investor, first investor at Chargebee), Harsh Rajgarhia (promotor, Overnite Express), and Anupam Mittal (People Group) also participated in the round through LetsVenture. The fund raised will be utilized to capture a slice of the multibillion-dollar market for testing and stability of modern API-first applications.

"Engineering leaders of modern agile teams want to reduce time to market for new features which in long run becomes the difference between successful products liked by their users and those that are not. The only blocker here is testing, where teams struggle. HyperTest gives teams the unique ability to test new features without worrying about building their own automation, and the confidence to also keep releases bug-free without slowing down development," said Shailendra Singh, co-founder and CEO, HyperTest.

With the results achieved with success they have had with mature engineering teams across top businesses in India, HyperTest now plans to expand into international markets and thus wants to use this fund-raise to focus on hiring sales, product and GTM leaders. The product would also evolve to work seamlessly across different clouds (private and public), allowing teams to deploy and start with HyperTest in minutes, claimed by the company in a statement.

"HyperTest is the need of the hour today as companies rush to build and ship software faster than ever before. Its end-to-end API testing automation innovation is like nothing else and top-tier scaled companies adopting HyperTest is a testament to their innovation. We have been founding stage investors in this journey and are excited to see the full vision unfold," said Vaibhav Domkundwar of Better Capital.

Founded in 2021 by Shailendra Singh and Karan Raina, HyperTest is an autonomous test automation tool that regresses the entire client's APIs by auto-generating integration tests using the client's network traffic without asking the teams to write a single line of code and giving a way to reproduce these failures inside actual user-journeys.

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