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I Reviewed Six AI Platforms For You; Here's My Verdict I'm sure you've interacted with OpenAI's landmark project at least once and are now accustomed to jargon such as GPT and Google's BARD. However, the artificial intelligence space is not limited to just these two

By Paromita Gupta

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It has become a daily occurrence. Any social media platform I open, one thing is for sure to surface on my feed at least once- ChatGPT. "What is ChatGPT?", "My take on ChatGPT" and "Is ChatGPT a Google Killer?" are some of the content titles which grace my feed, be it on LinkedIn, Instagram, or YouTube.

I'm sure you've interacted with OpenAI's landmark project at least once and are now accustomed to jargon such as GPT and Google's BARD. However, the artificial intelligence space is not limited to just these two. Mind you, these platforms are still in the development stage and should not be relied on for accurate and factual information. Instead, use them to understand this booming technology and be up to date with such cool and unique upcoming automation. As I spent my weekend trying out such new platforms, I present to you a short yet fun list of six AI platforms (apart from ChatGPT) so you can decide which to give a try and which not-

1. GitaGPT

I've seen this one making rounds on LinkedIn, so I gave it a shot. It will have a lukewarm response from me. Claimed to have generated over 8,33,108+ updesh or 'teachings', GitaGPT lets you seek answers based on Bhagwat Gita. However, many users shared their displeasure with the platform, not answering all the queries. I asked, "How do I control my anger?" the AI responded with ", The Bhagavad Gita states: "Whenever a person is overwhelmed by anger, they should remember to control their mind and senses, for the mind is the cause of bondage and liberation." It failed to answer my three other queries.

Verdict: Can give it a pass

2. CharacterAI

I love Tony Stark. He's undoubtedly my utmost favourite in the entire franchise and maybe even in the genre. So, obviously, I had to get on a quick chat with Iron Man. I asked the character about his general well-being, how he got the idea of developing nanotechnology, and his beef with Steve, Pepper, and Morgan.

It was pretty cool to talk to my favourite character. You can do it too, with Loki, Socrates, Elon Musk, Luigi, Cersei Lannister, Walter White, Sigmund Freud, Kanye West, and Devil. But do remember, everything characters say is made up!

Verdict: Hit

3. TattoosAI

Three essential steps: give a detailed description of the tattoo you want to generate, pick a style (such as realistic, tribal, cartoon, watermark, and geometric), and lastly, pick the colour (colourful or black and white) and viola! Your design is ready.

I love wolves, roman numerals and lotus. So, this is what I got.

Source- TattoosAI

Obviously, it is not and shouldn't be your tattoo idea generator currently. But maybe, in future, it can be.

Verdict: Hit

4. PlaylistAI

This was pretty cool and, sadly, only available in App Stores. So, what does it do? It creates playlists based on AI prompts and genre blends. I ended up creating three diverse playlists, with one being on the prompt "Candlelight dinner with romance and dance". The curated playlist was 2hr 46 mins.

Check it out here; https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6CvnFvioJj4eyEZgkmC18j?si=MRPoyk2kTkuAIaFxMOy-Bg

The AI is considerate and lets you add or remove artists provided by them. Pro tip: create a playlist with AI for your valentine.

Verdict: Hit

5. AI Room Planner

A fun, easy AI platform which can help you with the interior design of your workplace or house. Nope, you do not need to be an interior designer for this. How does it work? Simply upload a click of your room, select the room type (study, bedroom, attic, etc.) and style (zen, cottage-core, biophilic, maximalist, etc.), and you'll be provided with a generated image with revisions. However, it is subjected to its errors, such as removing an entire wall. Don't take it seriously, but try it for inspiration.

Verdict: Can give it a try

6. SuperMeme.ai

After a lot of struggle (read: trying to sign up), I finally got the chance to access SuperMeme. This AI platform helps you generate memes based on existing templates and themes. It's a nice-easy meme generator but misses the mark many times. A nice platform to start your Instagram meme page.

Source- SuperMeme.ai

Verdict: Can give it a try

Midjourney and Stockimg were others I wanted to use but couldn't due to limited access or technical glitch. Maybe for next time.

Paromita Gupta

Features Writer with Entrepreneur India

Covering news and trends in AI and Metaverse segments. An avid book reader running her personal blog on the side. You may reach me at paromita@entrepreneurindia.com. 

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