Mary Kom Creates History Yet Again; Now the World's Best Woman Boxer! The boxing winner created history again by winning her sixth title in the Women's World Boxing Championship

By Bhavya Kaushal

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Enough has been said about women in this country. Over the past few months and years, India has seen many women stand up. Some tried to muster courage and speak, other women took brave actions, however, few have been able to exhibit valour and perseverance, the way Mary Kom has. For a woman, every day is challenging. A woman never ceases to question herself, doubt her abilities, potential, capabilities, always concerned whether she has got it right or not, and then there is Mary Kom who surprises the nation and at the same, makes every Indian extremely proud by winning one title after another. Surely Kom has her share of rainy and stormy days, but to see her win her sixth and most historic title, makes one sit up and take note, how she shoves all the obstacles and emerges victorious as effortlessly as a lioness in the battleground. Her recent win has proven, all the more, that women, particularly Indian women are determined to pave the path of progress in the 21st century.

A Historic Win

Mary Kom won her sixth title at the Women's World Boxing Championship, a feat no other woman boxer has been able to achieve up till now. This mega win undisputedly puts Kom in the league of the best boxers in the world joining the likes of Muhammad Ali, Lucia Rijkar etc.

She defeated Ukraine's Hanna Okhota in the 48 kg category. Sonia Chahal clinched the silver medal in the boxing championship 57kg category of the prestigious championship.

The Manipuri mother-of-three was under immense pressure which was evident and still, she continued to fight, persist. Her pride for her nation became apparent when she declared after her win amidst hounding reporters, "I would like to dedicate this win to my country." Next up, Kom's eyes are now firmly set on the 2020 Olympics that will take place in Tokyo.

All Hail Mary

Minutes after Kom was declared the winner, congratulatory messages started from all corners of the nation started to pour in. Everyone from the B-Town celebs to the top politicians hailed Kom's win. Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted, "A proud moment for Indian sports. Congratulations to Mary Kom for winning a Gold in the Women's World Boxing Championships. The diligence with which she's pursued sports and excelled at the world stage is extremely inspiring. Her win is truly special."

Among others who wished her on her most brilliant win were Amitabh Bachchan, Shekhar Kapur, Anushka Sharma and even Priyanka Chopra, who played the ace boxer in a biopic by the same name.

Mary Kom's win is unprecedented and will remain deeply etched in the annals of Indian sports history. From a time when boxing never really grabbed the spotlight as much as other sports did, today, it is getting due recognition because of the wonders this woman from the Indian soil is creating.

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