Not Just Apple, K'taka IT Minister says the State is Ready to Take on More

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It's now official that Apple Inc will be setting up its manufacturing facility in the Indian state Karnataka and operations are tentatively scheduled to begin early next quarter.

Karnataka State Govt

Speaking on this occasion, Karnataka IT Minister Priyank Kharge said that this announcement goes to validate the fact the state government has policies and schemes in place and is ready to take on high-end manufacturing in electronics.

Benefit to the state

While this announcement is clearly beneficial to the state at various levels, Mr. Kharge said it was too early to put a number to the jobs that will be added. Having said that, he further went on to state that this will help definitely employment generation and he also foresees a lot of merit and validation to the entire ecosystem in Karnataka, which no other state has.

"We are just not giving you some land and some subsidies. We are providing you with a complete ecosystem which includes the startup, skill and development, research and policy ecosystems. This ecosystem isn't available at every state and our state is the only one that gives you the complete package of them," Mr. Kharge added.

Apple CEO Tim Cook's India visit in May 2016 set rumour mills ablaze with the tech giant plans to set up manufacturing plants in India. States of Maharashtra, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh were under the radar since then.

Apple back in May had also opened a new office in Hyderabad to develop is Maps product.

Ready for more

Mr. Kharge said that the state is completely ready for any type of high-end manufacturing of electronics and emerging technologies.

The state has the potential to provide companies with land, water, electricity and other resources. Apart from these, the state has matured past that and we can assure companies of an ecosystem wherein companies will apple to foster themselves as well, Mr. Kharge.

Mr. Kharge said that he now has a long list of companies who he wishes to see in the state and is ready to see their wishlist as well. The state is open to business for MNCs as well as global SMEs, MSMEs, startups.