SPAG Joins FINN Partners To Restructure Healthtech

The partnership makes FINN one of the largest agencies in health innovation and increases SPAG's global service capabilities and offerings for clients

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Marketing and communications agency, FINN Partners, announced its partnership with SPAG, a health-sector communications and marketing firm. As per a company statement, this move makes FINN one of the largest agencies in health innovation and increases SPAG's global service capabilities and offerings for clients. SPAG Asia will now be branded as, SPAG, a FINN Partners Company.

Company handout

"We had multiple rounds, after a lot of conversations and deliberations, we realized that Finn Partners would be the best partner in this case to join hands. Accordingly, we agreed to become the partner with them. So now, moving ahead, SPAG and FINN will work together wherein my and our firm's role will be to expand our healthcare expertise and what we call healthcare innovation systems across Asia. Also, be the voice and advocate of what Asia needs on the global platform. So, I will be playing the role of the voice of the health in the developed economies of the US and Europe as we partner with global biopharma or medical or healthtech companies as they look at engaging with different stakeholders in any part of the Asia which could be from India to far-east Japan to Australia, New Zealand, South-east Asia economies and China," said Aman Gupta, SPAG founder and managing partner.

Gupta, whose expertise includes global health, biopharma and provider health system clients, has been recognized as one of the top 25 innovators by PRovoke Media, Asia-Pacific for shaping influence and engagement in an era of dramatic marketing and communications disruption.

Bringing some newer things to Asia and adapting it as per our cultural nuances is something to be look up to. Commenting about the synergies, Gupta said, "We can look at the synergies at three levels. There is a geographical synergy which comes in because we know we know Asia and they know US and the Europe side of it that allows us to serve the globe in its totality. The second, in terms of the services which are there, we are an integrated public relations, advocacy and marketing communications and they have a deeper learning in the digital space. The third is the focus which we have on servicing the sector. We have challenges in early diagnosis and this partnership can bring in some of the global learning around how economies could build better awareness around early diagnosis."

As per the statement, the addition of SPAG strengthens FINN's position in the sector with almost $50 million in revenues. The addition of SPAG Asia increases the FINN total staff to more than 1,300 employees with more than 150 based in Asia with 275 professionals worldwide dedicated to the health sector.

"Asia is paving the way for global health innovation and clients eager to engage can generate greater value by taking bold, strategic action in the region. SPAG and its community affirm the good sense of our acquisition strategy, which focuses first and foremost on partners with shared values and missions," said Peter Finn, CEO and managing partner, FINN Partners.

Gupta also pointed out the significance of the health insurance system, which is an undeniable factor in this partnership, because currently one of the biggest issues is affordability, which according to him is a very subjective term. He said, "Public health is one of our key focus areas where we work with a lot of not-for-profits, a lot of foundations and public health institutions like WHO, advocacy groups, to fight chronic diseases, and these organizations are committed to work along with the government to improve healthcare infrastructure. So, through this partnership, we would look at really bringing a paradigm shift in the way healthcare is delivered and financed in India."

To start working in a new system, one must realize what the newness brings in. Sharing the future expectations on his new role, Gupta said, "In the digital space, there is a lot more happening on the global level, and we would be bringing that learning to Asia through virtual engagement. I would be playing the role of an advocate in front of our clients, our colleagues and our stakeholders to make them understand the culture, the diversity and the language. All these learning would be important and we look forward to being an impactful partner for them."