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The Big Fat Indian Wedding Takes Guard Against COVID-19 Love in the time of corona (virus) seems taxing and making people rewire their schedules to prosper their plans for "in sickness and health," possible.

By Sanna Vohra

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The coronavirus outbreak has sent ripples through the wedding industry, from vendors, wedding planners and venues to guests, relatives, and couples. There is a thick layer of caution and concern. While it is advised to avoid large public gatherings, travel, guests being all jittery and soon-to-be brides and grooms are facing the problem of rationed time and choices.

Considering the scenario, soon to be married couples and their families should keep a few things in mind. Below are the tips listed to effectively decide what can be the next step in this situation.

Understand The State Directives

Considering the current situation, when section 144 was been implied in Maharashtra, restricting gatherings of more than four to five people in public spaces. It should be best to consider postponing the wedding. Keep an eye out for the directives and advisories from state and government officials and exercise extra caution to avoid last-minute cancelations, and hassle.

Communicate With Your Planner

Have an honest conversation with your planner or vendor while rescheduling or cancelling the wedding. A lot of vendors and venues are quite flexible. In case you have planned in advance and want to postpone to a few months later, tell the vendors about it and assure them that you will contact them in the future so that there is not much money lost in that perspective. They are surely going to keep the advance but you can move it to a more suitable date later.

Keep Your Guests Updated

The guests who have to travel for your wedding and in case you were planning a destination wedding; there definitely would be a little loss of money. The best you can do is keep them updated with your recent plans. This will keep things organized and aligned with your real-time decision.

Comply And Do What Is Good

An Indian wedding is not a small affair. We have relatives and guests from all age groups. Comply and do what is good for society. There will be a lot of elderly people and new-borns attending the wedding. You have consider scenarios that is in everyone's best interest.

If you are getting married in more than three months, it's important to wait and then take decisions according to the situation and official guidelines.

Sanna Vohra

Founder & CEO, The Wedding Brigade

Sanna Vohra is the Founder & CEO of The Wedding Brigade. She is passionate about using technology to build a leading wedding brand. Prior to The Wedding Brigade, she spent two years in Morgan Stanley’s investment banking franchise in New York, focusing on equity transactions in the technology space. Previously, she has worked at Saatchi & Saatchi X, and in Coca Cola’s marketing division.

She discovered her passion for building businesses at Brown University, when she co-founded a restaurant discounting company for students. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa and Magna cum Laude from Brown, with Honors in Development Studies and Economics. With Wedding Brigade, this former investment banker aims to organize the un-organized wedding industry in India. 


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