The Experiential Edtech Practically app was launched in April 2020 and it works on B2B/B2B2C/B2C model for both online and offline teaching modes

By Shrabona Ghosh

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Catering to the needs of education, Practically is built on Edgar Dale's Cone of Learning.

"We retain 10 per cent of what we read, 50 per cent of what we see,hear and 90 per cent when we learn by doing. The more dramatic the experience, the more lasting is the recall and subjects like math and science can be made very interesting and engaging when taught experientially. We saw a lot of apps in the Indian market including some incumbents having only pinpoint solutions. Based on our findings, we arrived at the insight that a customer prefers to have all their requirements fulfilled through one platform. This is how we developed Practically as an immersive and experiential one-stop solution," said Subbarao Siddabattula founder & CEO, Practically

"We are constantly innovating and working towards developing and engaging content implementing cutting-edge technologies. Practically is a experiential learning app at present with a strong focus on STEM learning"

Practically app was launched in April 2020 and reached 1.5 million downloads last year. "In October 2021, we broke into the top 10 education apps in India on the Google Play store."

Practically's B2B/B2B2C/B2C model works for both online and offline teaching modes. Post pandemic when the schools started reopening, the startup's offering has become relevant to the schools as the population now has been exposed to online learning and the schools are now faced with the challenge of blended learning to engage students. "Connecting school and after school learning bridges the gap between online and offline learning modes."

The brand aims to be the most trusted and preferred edtech brand globally. "We are expanding rapidly pan India, Middle East and south east Asia with a favorable brand reception. Our product line up will also see several additions and extensions to keep up with our growth plans. We will be entering new segments this year which is in line with our growth strategy. Although the near-term plan is to expand into other English-speaking countries globally, we are also exploring with partners in countries where there is a need for content in other languages. We are also doing strategic tie-ups to ensure a deeper penetration of the e-learning solutions. So far, we have received tremendous support from our investor community and are in the process of raising Series B funding in the second half of this year."

Fact sheet:

Year of launching - 2020

No. of employees - Over 200 employees

Amount of external funding and leading investors - Total funding amount received so far is $14 million. Some of the names include Your Nest, Exfinity Venture Partners, Siana Capital, UAE-based NB Ventures, UK-based Earlsfield Capital, UAE-based Almoe Group of Companies and Ncubate Capital, an investment arm of the SAR Group

Average course fee - Practically has a freemium-subscription model, with subscriptions ranging from INR 545 for the Superhero model, INR 825 for Legend, INR 2,995 for Icon

Reach of the platform

- Practically reaches over 21.5 million trusted users

- Partnered with over 40,000 schools and institutions

- Spread across over 180 countries

Acquisitions made so far - On 2nd March 2022, Practically acquired Fedena (Foradian Technologies Pvt Ltd), world's most widely used ERP and became an end-to-end edtech solutions company.

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