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The Future Of the Digital Store In Retail Trade Mobile devices have already established themselves as a crucial platform for digital information and communications, and the same is beginning to apply to retail and commerce

By Abhishek Bhayana

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The retail industry is entering a period of extraordinary change. People are increasingly opting for the box delivered to their door, placing pressure on traditional business models such as retail. Of course, technology plays a significant role, but it is not the only force at work. New business models are forming that will have a profound influence on the e-commerce and larger retail value chain. Consumer expectations and habits are changing at the same time.

Nowadays, shopping mainly consists of one or two options which includes store visit and online purchasing. In post-pandemic conditions, many customers want shops to create an environment where shopping becomes an event in and of itself. This translates to highly interactive and engaging online and real-world experiences. Providing unique and physical shopping experiences, both online and in-person will become a significant way for brands to strengthen and differentiate their value proposition.

Towards a mobile-friendly shopping experience

Mobile devices have already established themselves as a crucial platform for digital information and communications, and the same is beginning to apply to retail and commerce.

Most of the customer's discovery happens over the WhatsApp groups or through nearby Google searches. The real-time component of location analytics will enable merchants to adjust their marketing and engagement in real-time to fit an individual consumer's needs, allowing for a more flexible approach to marketing.

Retailers easily engage with customers through platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram by sending contextual, and relevant marketing messages and offers. Another significant advantage of these platforms for merchants is the ability to engage customers after they leave a physical store by offering suggestions and special offers relating to the product, they expressed interest in.

Rise of digital payment and shipping options

The success of an e-commerce retail business is determined by a variety of factors. Retailers have a plethora of options for growing a loyal customer base, from product design to marketing. With innumerable enterprises opening shops, resulting in a highly competitive climate, it becomes critical for shops to implement new technology, such as digital payment methods.

Over the next five years and beyond, we anticipate seeing explosive growth in mobile payments for online goods and services. It simplifies payment options and elevates convenience for consumers, thereby encouraging them to pay using their mobile phones.

Although shipping may not be the most exciting aspect of your customer's experience, order fulfillment is one of the top priorities and most crucial components of an e-commerce business, a buyer will have with your goods. It's a race for free and quick delivery. Around 48 per cent of shoppers consider shipping costs when researching products online.

Major advantages of shipment for the retail industry

Wider choice and convenience: Small businesses can compete with industry giants and set themselves apart by making their services more convenient. Provide a variety of popular delivery choices, such as collection and drop-off points, to give customers a more personalized experience.

End-to-end experience: Customers want to be informed about their purchases, with 58 per cent checking their order status at least twice and 88 per cent utilizing SMS or email to be informed. While convenience and choice are the two most essential factors for consumers when it comes to shipping, up-to-date tracking information is the second most critical one.

Optimization and insights: Shipping, like any other service or business decision, can only be improved with valuable insights gleaned from precise data. Shipping management software connects businesses with all the information they need to guarantee they are utilizing the best and most cost-effective couriers by tracking charges and information for each order in a central location.

Digital Catalog: An imperative way to satisfy new age customers

There are three reasons why you should use digital catalogues for your retailer's business.

Highly accessible: Digital catalog makes it really easy for your customers because they can edit it at any time and from any location. Your customers will no longer have to lug around a bulky printed catalogue that is easily misplaced. The only thing they require is Internet access.

Convenient: Digital catalogues are a useful solution because they allow the most flexibility in terms of product search and utilization.

Ordering products instantly: The buying process is shortened to just a few steps when customers pursue the digital catalog: Click to add to the cart, then finish the checkout procedure conveniently.


Because most customers make emotional decisions, the key rule for store owners is to make the purchasing process as simple as possible. These digitally integrated in-store solutions are exclusively focused on the customer and merchandiser's jobs as it not only augments digital sales but also helps you find new audiences with multiple digital tools which were previously inaccessible.

Abhishek Bhayana

Co-founder and CEO, Bikry

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