This Website for Jobs In India Has a Game plan to Outshine Others The portal is building its core candidate database to grow their business aggressively.

By Nidhi Singh

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Every year, lakhs of new graduates around the world start hunting for the right job that meets all their requirements. Today, for them, their dream job is just a clicks away. Thanks to online job portals that are making the hiring process easy for employers and employees. Now you don't have to run from office to office or go through newspaper for job vacancies. With the advent of internet, finding and delivering employment opportunity has become effective and quicker.

Entrepreneur India caught up with Zairus Master, CEO of to know how the job market is shaping up in India. His tenure in Shine started way back in 2013 when he joined shine as a business head. He was responsible for the development and execution of the complete business, brand & product strategy of

Clamp Down on Generic Jobs:

The job market in India has witnessed dramatic changes in the past decade with companies embracing new technologies and employees adopting emerging skill sets and job roles, to stay relevant in the market.

Master emphasized the job market in India is very dynamic. A lot of changes that have been happening over the last couple of years will continue in future, he added.

"I think the pace of change will also increase. We have already seen some new emerging skills, now people who know those skills will be in demand. However, we can witness a bit of clamp down for generic kind of skills (repetitive). And the job growth out there is lower," he said.

It's All About Skills:

In today's competitive job market, Job portals are making best strategies to capture the smallest employee and employer. Master claims that currently is number two in terms of traffic and candidate database. The portal is building its core candidate database to grow their business aggressively.

"The job market is not about the numbers anymore, it's about skills. That's how we've launched Shine Learning. It is a place where people can scale up to the latest and emerging skills. Therefore for recruiters also Shine will be the place where not only they will find numbers of the people but also the highly niched skilled and certified people," he added

New Age Skills Reshaping Sectors:

Talking about the emerging sectors that are going to drive up the job market, Master shared that in last couple of months there has been a movement in all sectors.

"However if we were to point out a few sectors, BFSI is one sector that is showing some good growth. There is healthcare which has been growing. But if you see across sectors newer age skills are the one which are expanding rapidly," he said.

AI Won't Just Take Jobs, It Will Create Them

The world continues to debate whether or not Artificial intelligence will take over jobs. Master predicts AI will take over jobs and it will create lots of jobs.

" It's just like computerization in the good old 80's.We said the banking sector will see computerization and takeover of jobs but eventually we saw jobs being created. So AI is something like that, it's an efficiency enhancer. Essentially, jobs which are repetitive in nature and can be done by machines will disappear. Machines will become far more intelligent and be able to react to patterns and insights," he said.

Nidhi Singh

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