This Platform Is Facilitating Communication Between Media Influencers And Their Fans The EGO token serves as Paysenger's native token and is up for presale

By Srivatsa KR

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While there are several different feasible projects in the DeFi field now, it can be tough to tell which projects are valuable. After all, the sheer volume of initiatives in this industry might be daunting, but if there is one that everyone should be watching, it is Paysenger.

The EGO token serves as the platform's native token, and it strives to improve communication and reward human attention. To that end, on April 6th, 2022, the platform launched its presale and it's now live.

Understanding Paysenger

In terms of what it does, the Paysenger platform facilitates communication between media influencers and their fans. There is currently no straightforward method to contact a well-known artist, writer, blogger, or specialist in another industry. Paysenger looks to solve this problem in an innovative way by allowing a media influencer to sign up and choose the pricing of a chat session or video call. Every Internet user who craves this type of engagement can pay and reserve a time to debate or communicate in this fashion.

Paysenger also includes a native token known as the EGO token, which is appropriate given that we are discussing an initiative in the crypto world. The EGO token serves as an internal payment method within the Paysenger ecosystem. Till now, it has already provided a reasonable return to the first investors, but this is only the start as numerous more developments are being worked upon even as we speak.

Moreover, in order to also have a link to the burgeoning NFT sector, Paysenger's users may convert media assets into non-fungible tokens and either sell or keep them on the internal marketplace in exchange for a corresponding amount of EGO tokens.

What's so special about it?

The EGO token is noteworthy for being declared one of the top ten tokens of all time, as well as the key token in which everyone on ICO Holder is interested. ICO Drops, a trustworthy and authoritative ICO tracker, has already recommended the project, so we know it's authentic.

Paysenger aspires to reestablish the value of communication in today's environment, returning human attention as a valued resource once more. Paysenger will reimburse customers for their time as the platform strives to bring the best bargains to the table in a timely and effective way. As a result, Paysenger and the EGO token seek to clarify blockchain and make it more accessible to a wider audience.

Partnerships, accomplishments and future goals

Paysenger's previous success may be shown in its winning of the Best ICO Award for 2022 at this year's Crypto Expo Conference in Dubai. Paysenger was selected for this honor since it has repeatedly demonstrated that large crypto and financial institutions are enthusiastic about the platform and its future.

Paysenger was also picked to co-host the World Blockchain Summit in early 2022, as if that wasn't enough proof of the platform's promise. This event brought together a varied mix of very influential individuals, firms, and companies from the DeFi space, and a huge number of key stakeholders were also in attendance.

Paysenger's significant achievements also include the beta launch of its mobile apps, the registration of over 100,000 subscribers, and the acquisition of $2.5 million in seed and strategic rounds. Regarding the long-term aspirations for Paysenger, the team wants to reach 5 million users, host the IDO this summer, and ultimately develop an official Paysenger mobile app. If you are not a Paysenger fan yet, you're definitely missing out.

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