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Top Tech Innovations Disrupting the Remote Working Model The new working models have created flexibility among employees and the remote working culture has generated new job opportunities

By Bhavin Turakhia

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In this ever-evolving and dynamic world, can we imagine ourselves living a life without having the intervention of technology? The answer would be an absolute no!

Technology has become the most integral part of our day-to-day life. Tech-led innovations play a crucial role to help us achieve our goals, in an efficient and hassle-free manner. Likewise, from a workplace perspective, technology is very elementary as it defines how resources communicate, learn and think collaboratively. Lately, working models and cultures have witnessed a revolutionary transformation as they have moved from an offline to an online mode. The transition to the work from home model was swift for many organizations, thanks to the advent of technology and tech-led solutions that help teams in collaborating virtually. The new working models have created flexibility among employees and the remote working culture has generated new job opportunities in the markets, despite the adversities caused by COVID-19.

Even as all of us will move to our physical workstations sooner or later, we will essentially have to reimagine the way we work, and the cultures at our workplaces will base upon the current working model. Therefore, let's look at some of the new age unique tech innovations which are the potential hybrid working practices of the future.

Top workplace trends emerging from a remote working model

Video conferencing: The not-so-famous trend that gained the most amount of popularity in the past year is the video conferencing feature. It is also one of the most used features of 2020 and present, as employees can meet face-to-face anytime, anyplace! The video conferencing tool underwent newer innovations and employees got an opportunity to connect from any device using an in-app video conferencing tool and meet with their team, share the screen during calls to get into the weeds and discuss the details that matter. Using the same feature for instant connectivity, one could also initiate voice calls or send quick voice memos from within a channel and make sure everyone gets the message. The phenomenon of video conferencing is here to stay for long as most of the organizations will still continue to meet their clients virtually over in-person meetings

Channelizing conversations: The modern age workplaces are a reflection of channels where ideas percolate and productivity comes to life. Thus, to get a discussion brewing, using channels like the central hub is imperative to make teamwork happen. Many of these channels come equipped with all kinds of amazing features that keep team communication moving and collaboration grooving. Depending on the nature of the conversation, channels can be kept public or private. Public channels are open to everyone in your company, whereas private channels are for focused discussions that don't impact the entire team or for projects that may need to be kept under wraps.

For instance, teammates could create and connect to new channels and discover what their colleagues are talking about. They can simply type # followed by the channel name (e.g. #AllMarketing) directly within a chat and encourage colleagues to join the conversations happening around them. This practice allows the entire team to brainstorm together and work on projects collectively.

Cloud technology: The adoption of cloud services has seen a tremendous upsurge in 2020. Earlier, retrieving data in the past was not an easy process as that would have required a lot of our time. Today, with the help of cloud technology, businesses will have easy access to high-performing infrastructure with the help of modernized and cloud-native applications. The pandemic has led to a rise in businesses undergoing digital transformation and the need for cloud services is only expected to grow in the hybrid working model.

Enhanced cyber security: Businesses have fast-paced their digital transformation, thereby making cyber security a primary concern. Technology is the most important tool that is bridging the communication gap between employees or clients or any other stakeholders. It thus becomes crucial for companies to enhance the cyber security measures so as to prevent any cyber-attacks. Going forward, companies will continue to invest a huge chunk in securing their data from malware or phishing attacks.

Because of the global pandemic, every single day has been calling for innovations within the workplace collaboration spectrum, pioneering features are being reinvented, and there have been increased deployments of unique technologies. With time, the remote working model will develop and we will get to witness more tech advancements in this space.

Bhavin Turakhia

CEO and Founder, Flock & CEO and Co-founder, Zeta


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