Bhavin Turakhia

CEO and Founder, Flock & CEO and Co-founder, Zeta


News and Trends

Reasons Why Emails Will Never Become Extinct

To create richer, and more valuable connections with respective partners, businesses should communicate well, and through the right communication medium, such as email

News and Trends

Top Tech Innovations Disrupting the Remote Working Model

The new working models have created flexibility among employees and the remote working culture has generated new job opportunities

Growth Strategies

4 Ways To Prevent Virtual Communication Fatigue

The communication overload is resulting in employees feeling drained at the end of the day

Growth Strategies

How to Unlock Your Team's Creativity

These things will ensure that there is ample exchange of ideas at work


5 Tips to Set Smart Goals for Your Team

A manager has to clearly craft goals to have a transparently defined point of success and this is how it can be done


Managing a Team of Millennials? The Top 5 Things You Must Know

It's no secret, employees who feel appreciated and welcome at work are more likely to be engaged, creative members of teams

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