5 Tips to Set Smart Goals for Your Team

A manager has to clearly craft goals to have a transparently defined point of success and this is how it can be done

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Every the manager must've come across this situation - their team members start every project with a lot of zeal and vigour. And, at the other end of this journey, the home stretch of any assignment brings with it a sense of accomplishment. All the high energy helps the team to sprint past the finish line.

But managers often wonder how they can keep their team morale at an all-time high, even at times when they're halfway through a complex project and the end is nowhere in sight. The answer lies in working smarter and not harder. That said, below are a few strategies for setting team targets that are guaranteed to set your people up for success.

1. In Addition to Being Specific, be Specialized:

Without a clear sense of what it is that you want your team to achieve, it will be difficult to quantify "success'. One should consider setting goals that lend value not only to the organization but also to the team members working to achieve them. Outlining factors like the "what' to be achieved, the "how' and the "when' for each goal will go a long way in being successful. Managers should not neglect the "why' too. They need to show that achieving these goals will bring value to the organization and "in what ways' team members will grow from achieving them.

2. Be Measurable, to Team Members as Well:

How will a team who is working hard on a project know if they're headed in that direction? A manager has to clearly craft goals to have a transparently defined point of success that will help them to say, "We have accomplished this specific thing we set out to achieve''. As a manager, you should also find areas of opportunity for the growth of each team member, and connect that to their goals. By making it measurable, you give them the opportunity to quantify their own improvement too!

3. Be Attainable:

Determine the different ways that will take to achieve success and ponder if those ways are practical or not. If you deem them to be not practical, then figure out how to alter your goals in such a way that the ends are attainable. One of the ways out could be to outsource some talent so your core team can focus on their areas of expertise.

4. Be Relevant:

It is imperative to ensure that each goal is relevant to the greater mission of the organization. This will not only help team members to stay grounded in their intention but also affirm the importance of their individual contributions.

5. Be Time-based:

Once you are all set with your goal, split it into smaller milestones with their own deadlines. This stops team members from becoming overwhelmed by ambitious goals. The team finds it less intimidating to focus on one small component of a project at a time.

In addition to these, a manager needs to be there for their team to help them achieve their goals. Being available to their team member whenever needed will make your team feel that you are an integral part of their support system. Ensure that the lines of communication are open and you are having frequent meetings with the team to evaluate the progress of each team member. Also, be open to criticism as success can only happen when you are willing to make adjustments based on your team's feedback.

Managers also, need to realize that while focusing on the outcome is important, the process to achieve it should also be qualitatively assessed with feedback from the team.

Bhavin Turakhia

CEO and Founder, Flock & CEO and Co-founder, Zeta

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