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How Changing Demographics will Better Indian Education System The change in demographics has brought new-age learning to the classroom, along with technology

By Husien Dohadwalla

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In the coming decade, the Indian education system will face an unprecedented transformation. Driven by economic and demographic changes, India is predicted to be the world's third largest economy by 2020. With currently over 600 million of India's population under 25 years of age, there is a huge appetite for education and the government has already implemented several plans to transform the sector over the coming years.

Bringing the Biggest Change in Education Sector

One of the biggest changes to the educational sector in India has come from the shift in demographics over the years, where teachers are becoming younger. Teaching, as a profession was almost looked down upon and was never seen as a lucrative career choice. The pay scale was low and the profession was taken up by mostly women, who were comfortable with a part-time job in order to maintain a work-life balance.

In recent times with the entry of international schools in India, the teaching profession has got a makeover and is now seen as a job on a par with the corporate sector. Salaries too have increased and have managed to attract a younger talent pool to the vocation.

What this younger generation makes up in lack of experience, they make up for with exposure and insight. I've seen several cases where young teachers with double post graduate degrees in various subjects have been able to bring in new ideas as well build a rapport with students. Among younger teachers, it is definitely easier to reach out to and relate to a student, as compared to a teacher with more experience. And this, in my years of experience has made all the difference in creating new-age learning, which students have been very receptive to.

New-age Learning in Classroom

What the change in demographics has done is bring new-age learning to the classroom, along with technology, which has been integrated into the learning experience. For educators, technology can be a great enabler. While adapting to this change, I have seen younger teachers are more receptive to the use of technology, as they are more familiar with its usage, thus making it easier to incorporate in the classroom. The use of technology is also an ideal way to generate students' interest in a topic as it is brings in the use of audio-visuals as well as interactivity. The use of technology in the classroom also extends to social media as well as online aids.

Why is it Important to Have Young Teachers

Having a younger teaching force is also extremely important in building the right environment, as they are more receptive to feedback, which is valuable for creating a new-age learning experience. As these teachers are growing along with the organisation they work with, feedback received by them is promptly implemented to improve the experience for both students as well as themselves.

Impact of Demographic Changes on Students

Changing demographics in education has also had a positive impact on students, who have different levels of grasping power. Younger teachers are more patient and more equipped with modern techniques to reach out to slow learners and bring them up to speed. Technology here too, plays a significant role as it makes use of interactive tools to effectively reach out to students.

Changing demographics in Indian education is however, not limited to educators. The Right to Education Act states that 25 per cent of seats in private schools must be reserved for the economically backward. What this does, is encourage students to learn from each other and use their experiences from their varied backgrounds to mutually benefit each other.

Changing demographics in Indian education are definitely a boon to the system and in a day and age where learning is going beyond text books, to bring about a cultural as well as intellectual change in society.

Husien Dohadwalla

Head of Curriculum at Fazlani L'Academie Globale and the DY Patil International School Network

Mr Husien Dohadwalla is a young edupreneur and international educationist from Mumbai. As the Head of Curriculum – Middle, Secondary and High School — at the Fazlani L’Academie Globale and the DY Patil International School Network, he has made immense contributions to the education sector, for which he has received the ‘Edupreneur of the Year 2017’ award by Assocham India. In a country where there are more job seekers than jobs, Mr. Dohadwalla is working towards the development of entrepreneurship courses in IB schools, to help create more entrepreneurs. He is a part of the IB Educator Network for the Asia Pacific Region, and has been appointed IB Diploma head in the year 2013, making him one of the youngest people to hold this prestigious position. He is well known for his leading workshops, inspections and is also a reader for the curriculum for numerous IB institutions.

He holds a Master’s degree in Education and is the alumni of the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (IIM-C). He has also pursued an Entrepreneurship course from the Jonkoping International Business School, in Sweden. Mr. Husien is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).


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