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Why Young Indians Should Choose Healthcare As a Career Option Healthcare is one of the few industries which allow you to help others while doing your job

By Pritika Singh

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Healthcare is one of the noblest industries that one can choose as a career option. If you are someone who operates from a place of innate passion, you care for people, and want to make a difference; the healthcare industry might be just the right pick for you.

Healthcare is one of the few industries which allow you to help others while doing your job. Every health care individual operates with the idea of Sewa Parmo Dharma (service is the highest religion), a beautiful life lesson from the Bhagwat Gita. If satisfaction is what you seek from life, the healthcare industry is truly one of the best playing grounds. There's the certainty that the healthcare industry is evergreen, and it will never close doors. The handsome paycheck also comes as a part of the package, which makes the deal even better. Where else can one have the best of both worlds!

One of the most appealing things about the healthcare industry is the flexibility for career-seeking individuals. If you want to be a part of the healthcare industry, it is not necessary to become a doctor. The hospital guard, ambulance driver, GDA staff, receptionist, admission counter staff, nurses, doctors, housekeeping staff, pharmacist, lab staff, and many more, all of them form the healthcare system. One can choose any of these options depending on their interest and inclination.

Sadly, it is a common perception that doctors constitute the entire health care system. But a global pandemic like the COVID-19 has proved that it is not only doctors but an entire system that works together. Of course, doctors are the centre of attraction, but a team of equally dedicated and passionate individuals are there to keep things moving like clockwork. If any of these pillars were to collapse, it would impact the entire structure. So, even if you choose to be a part of the health care system in any capacity, you are crucial for the system like any other individual.

Working in the healthcare industry is also very grounding and evolutionary. Since people usually visit the hospital or any health care centre in their moments of distress, it works as an attitude shift for those working within the system. When one looks at so much suffering around them, one usually forgets about one's dilemmas. Moreover, the feeling that you can help someone alleviate their trauma or pain works as a humbling factor. One gets a new outlook towards life by working in the health care industry. It introduces an element of spirituality to one's life. No matter how experienced or learned an individual is, the health care industry always has something to teach everyone. Be it the spiritual, social, or monetary aspect of life, the health care industry offers a lot to learn on every front.

As far as the future aspect is concerned, especially for those who believe in making an informed decision based on facts, figures, and data, the numbers are on your side. The global health care industry is all set to cross the growth benchmark of $75 billion in the next five years. Projections suggest that the health care industry will need 250,000 new professionals in the next five year only.

COVID-19 has underlined the importance of a robust health care industry to tackle any pandemic-like situation. Keeping that in mind, international businesses and governments are taking the health care industry even more seriously. Such awareness will create more opportunities going ahead.

Another incentivizing factor why one should opt for a career in the health care industry is that it allows many opportunities to give back to society. Be it the consultation part, treating someone, or taking care of them, the health care industry offers multiple avenues for giving back to our social structure without expecting anything in return.

Since the world now recognizes the importance of mental health, it is another avenue where the health care industry is emerging strong and creating multiple opportunities. More people realize that a healthy mind is essential for a healthy body. Such awareness will boost opportunities for psychologists, psychiatrists, and other mental-health related roles. As more people understand the importance of mental health, recognise that any help or assistance is available at a nearby hospital; they will incite demand for expanding the health care industry to meet their needs.

To sum it all up, if you are someone who derives joy from serving others and love the idea of doing an unconditional service to society, the health care industry is where you want to be. The health care industry allows you to pursue satisfaction, which even money or fame cannot satiate!

Pritika Singh

CEO, Prayag Hospital


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