Is the Era of Social Media Marketing Declining?

The games of the rule might change, the players might change, but the game is here to stay.

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Isn't social media a recent buzzword?

Or is the social media era waning off?

Technically the buzzword social media or social media marketing is the most hyped 'in' thing. A career in this field is yet the most sought after one. Even today a new brand or product needs extensive social media marketing to show its existence to maximum potential consumers. But hold on! Is the fad of social media plummeting? Do you feel the world of social media is a thing of past?

If you reach a conclusion now, it will be invalid as the future is highly unpredictable. With the volatility in the market structure and the ease of promoting content, social media apps- Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Ello, Instagram are the rage among youngsters and entrepreneurs alike. Rajat Bhatia, the founder of Geekay Bikes, quotes, "When I had to launch the new E-Bikes, all that was needed was the right social media channel to create awareness among the youth and bike-enthusiasts. Instagram and Facebook publicity along with the services of a social media marketer helped in building a good market for the bikes in its first year."

Yes, entrepreneurs do swear by the name of social media. Even for the youth of today, who clamours for instant publicity and fame, social media is an integral part of their life. From the morning gym to what they eat and whom they meet, all is judiciously posted to stay swanky and reaching out to the social network. Khushi Dawar, MD of Bright India Corp. Pvt. Ltd. says, "I have been learning video making and editing to establish my own Youtube Channel. It would be a boost to my product as well as a boost to my own creativity." Who wouldn't want those 10 minutes of fame, when it is so easily possible with social media!

"Social media has become a steady source of income for millions of bloggers and marketers and a blessing in particular for those who wish to opt for work from home. With the new revenue streams social media is here to stay," adds Ashish Gupta, CEO of Reva Enterprises.

The flip side of the coin

Another school of thought says the era of social media is gradually retrograding. With stringent privacy policies and laws regarding safety, the craze and ease of accessing social media are dwindling. "Whenever I surf on Google, what irks me the most is the influx of unwanted advertisements flashing in the forefront. With the technology getting smarter, the ads of my recent surfing start popping up, which gives me a feeling of being spied on," says Ankur Gupta, CEO of Shori Chemicals.

Millennials and Gen-X are gradually deleting their Facebook and SnapChat accounts to stay grounded and focus on work. Dhruv Trehan, MD at Shree Ram Wood Industries says, "I was too overwhelmed with whatever was posted by my peers. It was intriguing as well as time-consuming to keep a track of latest updates. I felt like I was being pushed into a rat race. So deleting my FB account saves a lot of constructive time to focus on my work."

Moreover, with pro-privacy policies, the social media is restricting the incessant promotions. Clients who do not wish to receive random advertisements and unrequisite e-mails are being paid a heed to and the norms of promotions are getting stricter. WhatsApp, restricting the forwards to maximum five people, is a step in this direction. You can easily streamline the notification settings of your phone and e-mail to prohibit mails gatecrashing through.

Over to you- The games of the rule might change, the players might change, but the game is here to stay. Social media is the buzzword and is a table-turning game of future. You need a channel to showcase your work to customers, you need a channel to create demand and you definitely need a channel to prove your mettle. This media will serve it all on a single platter.