5 Lessons I Learnt After I Left My Cubicle

One thing every employed person should do, apart from saving is to identify a small start-up

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Today, the world is experiencing economic instability and jobs are not guaranteed. Have you ever thought about what would happen if you lost your job unexpectedly? While no one anticipates such unfortunate occurrences, it is no doubt that they happen at the most inopportune time.


Leaving A Full-time Job For A Remote Career

Deciding to quit employment can be difficult especially for the high-income earner. Sometimes though, it is the best thing to do. Only then can one understand that the best opportunities come knocking once we leave our comfort zones.

Having a full-time employment guaranteed me a paycheck at the end of the month but was it worth it? I had been contemplating quitting full-time employment for a long time. I kept procrastinating until I became bored with my cubicle. I did not anticipate going to the office yet I kept dragging myself back. I had developed more passion towards my small remote jobs and freelancing than I did my day job. Then one day I presented my resignation letter.

Looking back, that was the best decision ever. Do not be deceived though. It took lots of learning to reach where I am today. Here are some lessons I have learned along the way.

Beginnings Are Not Easy

While I had made a permanent decision to quit my job, I must admit the thought of going back kept creeping back. You never realize how important the paycheck was until you are not expecting it anymore.

This calls for a fall back plan to maintain your lifestyle. Thankfully, I had started blogging in my early days and still have job offers on my LinkedIn. It is amazing how concentrating on the things I was more passionate about was more fulfilling. At first, I did not make a lot of money but I had enough time to strategize and drive my businesses towards prosperity.

I do not think I would have been able to achieve so much had I still been sitting behind my office cubicle.

Patience Very Important In Quest For Success

Nothing disputes the fact that many people are out to get rich quickly. It is important to understand that building a stable business or even an informal occupation is dependent on the foundation you lay. Developing a strong foundation takes time.

You need to create time to plan, nurture your plans, and execute them. Only then, you can be sure of gradual success. For any venture to succeed, it has to go through various processes. Businesses built on weak foundations are bound to come down crumbling.

Convert Your Passion Into Money Making Venture

Not so many years ago when I was a young girl, I remember I was so passionate about writing and reading books. Many are the times I pretended to be a writer and ask people to grade my own work.

My mom would come home from work and listened to what I wrote in my diary. I am happy she nurtured my passion. No wonder I went on to start blogging and gained followers within no time.

What do I mean? We find more pleasure when we do things we love. Who knows, we might end up making more money than we have ever imagined.

Do Things Your Way

A certain trend is cropping up throughout the world. People want to copy what the others are doing. We are all unique. Whatever you decide to do, let it be unique and original. You never know how many people might be inspired.

I made up a decision to run things as I deemed right. By this, I do not mean to dispute people's advice. Remember, people will always have their own opinions. Listen to those opinions and choose what works best for what you do. That way you get more satisfaction and the zeal to keep moving on.

Learning Never Ends

Enroll for a new course once in a while. Technology today allows you to take short courses online. It is evident that there should never be an excuse for ignorance. Always carry out research, read, and upgrade your studies. This plays a huge role in improving your scope of understanding.

Research opens you to new concepts of making a living. In fact, you may realize just how fulfilling and flexible freelance jobs can be. Since I quit my full-time employment, my achievements have increased tremendously. I am able to spend more time with my family, I have elevated my blog, and I am looking forward to propelling my other businesses to greater heights.


Employment is good and everybody is gifted differently. I never realized how much my potential, talent, passion, and ambitions were going unexploited until I quit my job. We must agree though that not everyone can manage freelance jobs.

One thing every employed person should do apart from saving is to identify a small start-up. Begin building your territory slowly. With time, that small start-up may be the reason you finally quit. Depending on one source of income regardless of how handsome it is can be risky.