Hira Saeed

Digital Marketing Consultant & Public Speaker

Hira Saeed is a Tech Geek Girl who is a writer by passion and Social media & PR consultant by profession. Her experience ranges from remote jobs, startup entrepreneurship and consultancy to event management and senior-level marketing positions. Hira is also a public speaker and columnist who shares her views on AI and chatbots on VentureBeat.



#5 Problems Blockchain Technology can Readily Solve

Blockchain technology is one of the upcoming avenues that will change the course of how.com used to work


#5 Reasons why Personal Branding Should Not Be Overlooked

Once you start identifying the blocks that build your personality, you will find that one unique selling point you can use to sell your brand.

News and Trends

It's Time to Debunk the Myths of Remote Working

While working from home is beneficial, it comes with its own challenges, which some people may find difficult to cope with

Starting a Business

5 Lessons I Learnt After I Left My Cubicle

One thing every employed person should do, apart from saving is to identify a small start-up

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