#5 Reasons why Personal Branding Should Not Be Overlooked

Once you start identifying the blocks that build your personality, you will find that one unique selling point you can use to sell your brand.

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We all at some point in time have tried to Google our name to find out what result it gives. Not so surprisingly, we do find our name in the first few results. Google uses some magic called "personalized search' for this. But what is more important than finding your name is the information it shows about you in those search results. This is where the Personal Branding comes into the play.

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Personal Branding is a term coined by Tom Peters, in his breakthrough article "A Brand Called You" which was published in the Fast Company (1997). Why is Personal Branding necessary? That's because whatever you are good at, is a unique set of skill, which you may have mastered through a lot of years of experience, training, or at the workplace.

But how do you tell the world that you are expert at it? How do they recall your name whenever they think about that particular skill? For this, you will have to sell your abilities and to sell something you have to brand it. This is called Personal Branding and in this case, "You" are the brand.

There are a lot of reasons why understanding and building your own personal brand will help you achieve success in the future. Following are a few to help you get started!

Finding Who You Are and Gain Confidence in What You Do

To make your personal brand stand out, you need to first identify who you are. That might look like an awkward question at first. But once you start identifying the blocks that build your personality, you will find that one unique selling point you can use to sell your brand.

Your personal brand lets you evaluate and polish your stronger sides. That brings a new level of confidence in your personality and skills. By highlighting your unique side, you are boosting the positive in you and at the same time reducing your weaknesses.

Presenting Your Skills and Highlighting Your Tagline

Every person among us has an area of expertise, the one thing you specialize in. When you are asked what you do, the answer you give can become your tagline. How well you present your tag line is your marketing strategy and that is ultimately you want the world to see u and associate you with.

The idea of branding yourself is to be characterized and renowned for the skill you are expert it. This is what you want to pop up in people's head when they talk about you. The more you are talked about, the more it will increase your personal brand recall.

Connecting With the Right People and Standing Out from the Crowd

They say "Your network is net-worth". Today's social media and globalization have redefined success altogether. You need to identify your field and your target market. The people you interact or you want to interact are your forum for success.

Interacting with the right kind of forum makes your brand familiar in a more orchestrated way that distinguishes you from everyone else. After all, the people who understand your work are the ones who would recognize your Brand more vividly than anyone else. What you want to show them is that special thing which nobody does the way you do.

Using Social Media to Showcase Your Profile

No second doubt on the importance of having your profile on social media platforms but what these profiles tell about you matters a lot. Go ask around if you can, there are at least a couple of people you know who got their current jobs via LinkedIn profile. A lot of business partners who are currently running their successful businesses had their first encounter with social media.

The future of social media interactions holds a huge prospect. You don't even have to go find work, people will look you up, track you down and pay for your expertise. Does anything get better than this??

The companies will no longer judge you on the basis of a one-pager resume, they will look for your brand (i.e., You) on social media channels. This makes your success rely on presenting a good brand across all channels. Scary but true!

Be Focused, credible and successful

When you are building up your personal brand, you identify all the good things about yourself and lose up the things you don't want to be associated with. You no longer will be called "a jack of all and a master of none". This process will help you become focused on your things you are really good at.

Personal branding also contributes to your overall personal development and growth. It opens the door to numerous opportunities and makes you a credible person that people can trust. In the long run, your personal brand will draw people towards you wanting them to get associated with you.