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First Time Entrepreneurship Tips: How to Recruit Right for Your Business Recruitment still deserves clarity from an employer perspective.

By Rahul R

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Today with an increased number of people, regardless of professional work experience, preferring to turn entrepreneurs and thereby starting businesses on their own; it only becomes imminent for this community to check out efficient ways of running their businesses intact with the right resources. In this regard, one key resource that constitutes any business is the recruitment of employees.

With recruitment being a key focus, especially for first-time entrepreneurs (and first-time business owners), check out below vital pointers that should help make the lives of recruiters in first-time businesses easy as far as screening of candidates till issuing appointment orders is concerned:

  • Formulate the job description carefully: Though seemingly a basic approach, the job description for which you intend to recruit needs to be strategically formulated keeping in mind the expectations that you have and the deliverables expected from the candidate. These aspects should be devised even before you advertise for the position.

    Remember that job description and remuneration for the candidates are entirely different aspects, never attempt to link the two. The description of work should be devised independent of your remuneration capabilities.

  • Screen candidate RESUME for skill sets, rather than proof of experience: This is a highly important aspect to remember while you screen potential recruits. Always remember to not go by the face value of information presented in a RESUME. Interact increasingly with the candidates to understand their skill sets match for the job description which you have formulated.

    Always remember to skill-hunt, rather than going behind less important facts such as where the candidate has worked, who was his/her immediate supervisor, the shift timings, and more.

  • Present real-world problems: Whilst interacting with candidates, for skill sets, always present them with real-world problems that require analytical thinking to solve. With this, you are in a better position to gauge candidates' competency levels. You could also present challenges that your own business is facing and ask for a solution from potential recruits.

  • Clearly explain how the candidates would learn and grow within the job role: Once you accomplish the above aspects, you are almost done with the recruitment process. Now, you should be explaining the candidates (voluntarily) the aspects which are in store for them such as growth/learning opportunities.

    Never treat employees as lame resources, accord them ample growth opportunities by letting them work on challenges. There should be room for professional growth as well, as candidates with exemplary skills and learning deserve to be promoted higher.

  • Set pay scales based on the skill sets and match of candidates: The sixty four-thousand dollar question, on fixing remuneration for candidates, is best answered when you do a self introspection of the aspects that you would offer new recruits. Your budgetary capabilities, for a specific job role, should be clearly communicated during the early interaction stages itself. In case you feel that candidates have exemplary skills for your job, do consider offering remuneration that are in complete sync with their skill sets; never go by face value

Rahul R

Former Staff

Rahul R is a media professional with over 6 years of experience. Prior to Entrepreneur India, Rahul was a Senior Technical Journalist at EFY digital magazine. 
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