#6 Key Points to Remember During your Entrepreneurial Journey Never lose faith in your idea at any stage, whenever you are in the process of establishing your venture

By Nitesh Gurnani

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The life of an entrepreneur is tough and during the initial phase it becomes tougher to pursue what you dreamt of in the first place. When you bring about a change, you always face resistance from people, which can bog you down and make the journey more challenging.

There are many wonderful startup ideas that fail to get a platform to convert their dreams. Following are the six points which every aspiring entrepreneur needs to remember during their startup phase. I have also incorporated failures and instances from my journey, which may resonate with your experience too.

1) Failure Happens but Don't Shy Away from Trying In my startup, I observed that failures and unacceptability were constant when it comes to expansion. I have tried contacting many famous personalities from all walks of life, who are popular and can help expand my network. For Eg- My Facebook page was liked by an RJ, so I contacted him for receiving my service via messenger itself, he utilized my service to the fullest, was very much impressed too. I wanted that RJ to help me expand by writing a few words of promotion on his page, but he didn't. Though it hurt me at that point of time, but eventually it strengthened me as I sought for more opportunities and applied at various other international platforms to demonstrate my skills. Ultimately, I ended up having a tag of a good platform with my name. So, even though that failure happened, it's a must that you don't stop yourself from trying, who knows God has something better in store for you.

2) Critics Will be There but Always Believe in your Idea: Initially when I was setting up my website, I thought to offer my service for free for a month and then start charging a reasonable amount. There were many people who told me that your service and website is going to flop if you monetize. I kept those words close to my heart, not as a negative force but as an opportunity to plan out something to counter if something like that happens. Because you are trying to bring a change, there will be people who will resist it and it is very natural, so never lose faith in your idea at any stage, whenever you are in the process of establishing your venture.

3) Explore the Issues you Face and Seek Help-Saturation from the market you are serving and conversion rate are the issues that will happen constantly even if you are delivering the best of service. When this thing happens and you need to find a cost-effective way of finding a solution, read different articles for help to expand your base. Even the tiniest of details carry a message, which can change your business prospects and help you expand. Similar case happened with me when I was reading the Hub Spot article on how to expand my network base, the solution it offered is now one of the major revenue models for my venture.

4) Somebody will Definitely like Your Idea As I told, there will be many people who will criticize your idea, but there will always be a few people, who will lift you up. I heard the saying that even if you fail 99 times out of 100 and succeed once, that one success tastes sweet and is worth the struggle you faced. The saying is true as in my case also, there were people who held my hands in the journey when some were rejecting but those people helped me survive and thrive in the wind.

5) Never Get satisfied Many a times, it will happen that you will be getting a lot of traction and demand for your services and that time is the best possible way to utilize your energy towards what you want to achieve in a long-term. It is often said in cricket that utilize your form to the best of your advantage because there will be rough patches which are constant and will happen but never get immersed in the success you achieve. It is good to just take it as a stepping stone, move forward and not attach that success deeply to your heart. Because the minute you do that, you get casual which may affect your venture negatively.

6) Keep your Ethics right Even though some short or the sneaky way will exist in the path but never compromise on the ethics and values while offering your service. When I was doing a face reading for my international platform, they offered me a software in which images couldn't be inserted and it was out of company norms to connect with the clients on personal emails. Because my service dealt with face reading, I informed them prior that whether they add the attachment box to the software or I have to receive the images on my personal email.

As a result, they removed me from the platform because that was against company norms, but one thing which they found in me was that I stayed completely loyal to them throughout and I persisted to them for offering me there platform for reading. They acquired me once again after two days after going through my transcripts as they discovered I never acquired any of their customer outside their platform. So, being honest, loyal and truthful will always keep you successful in the long run.

Nitesh Gurnani

Founder, Chehraspeaks.com

Nitesh Gurnani offers Face Reading services at his website Chehraspeaks.com as well as on BitWine.com and help his clients realize their strengths and weakness across various dimensions of life. He has studied from Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad.


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