"Go Green" is What These Young Entrepreneurs Believe In

From organic farming to e-cigarettes, and hemp and cannabis industries, young entrepreneurs are going all out to experiment their business ideas into the startup ecosystem

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Go Green, is what India is saying to the world!

With multiple innovative business ideas, Indian entrepreneurs are fast moving to the green revolution in their businesses. From organic farming to e-cigarettes, and hemp and cannabis industries, they are all out to experiment their ideas into the startup ecosystem.

Not just startups, but the country is witnessing a strong growth in the established businesses accepting the need to go green. Several companies are now more aware of the ways in which their working often affect the ecosystem, and therefore, have taken a greener path to success.

Here we take a look the entrepreneurs who are making people believe in their right execution by the simple business green ideas:

  • Reusing Waste Flowers from Local Temples

Ankit Agarwal and Karan Rastogi are using waste flowers from local temples into the making of organic incense, vermicompost and, most importantly, the world's first non-toxic thermocol called Florafoam. Hailed from Kanpur, Agarwala and Rastogi are childhood friends who rejoined their paths to carve out this venture. The duo is selling Florafoam under the brand name "Phool". Both Agarwal and Rastogi will be presenting their idea to UN Assembly as they have been nominated for a UNICEF award this month by the Bill and Melina Gates Foundation.

  • Curbing Air Pollution in a Recyclable way

When the three IITians Arpit Dhupar, Kushagra and Prateek Sachan left their corporate jobs to launch the Chakra Innovation, they had no idea how far it would go. But in just a few years, the duo marked success with their innovative idea. Launched in 2016, Chakra Innovation aims to curb air pollution in a recyclable way with its patented technology Chakra Shield. The technology takes diesel soot from generators and converts it into inks and paints.

  • Recycling Packaging Waste into Wearables

Founded in 2013 by Dinesh Parikh, Sachin Sharma, and Aditya Parikh, GEM ENVIRO collects pre- and post-consumer packaging waste from factories, offices, hotels, motels, and institutes. The waste is then recycled into products such as T-shirts, caps, and bags, selling the products under its brand "Being Responsible'. The company also organizes various programmes to raise awareness about environmental sustainability and the importance of recycling incorporates, universities, and institutes.

  • Reusing Plastic in Construction of Road

Bengaluru-based KK Plastic Waste Management was started in the year 2002. The company is the founder and commercial promoter of the technology — "Reuse of plastic waste in asphalting of roads" (reusing plastic waste as an additive in construction of road) and has been patented and certified by the Centre for Transportation Engineering ("CTE") and the Central Road Research Institute ("CRRI"). The company operates a plastic reuse/recycling plant in Bangalore that can process up to 30 metric tons of plastics per day.

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