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Don't Make These 5 Mistakes When Outsourcing Your Project There is obvious benefit of outsourcing your project but, if you try and stay away from making these mistakes

By Yuvrajsinh Vaghela

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A lot of entrepreneurs, especially when they start out, are not comfortable sharing their trade details with anyone. You will often hear about entrepreneurs getting burned by the heavy amount of work they do each day. They can avoid it but, they don't, which often amounts to the reason why so many of them fail.

If you don't want to fail, then outsourcing is your best bet. Responsibly done, outsourcing has its own benefits, and allows you to concentrate on your core. However, not many of us tend to be responsible with outsourcing the first time.

However, if you don't want to let go of the progress you have made, you would need to think through outsourcing. You should, before anything else, know about the outsourcing mistakes people tend to make. It will help you know what you need to avoid and how. So, are we ready to get started?

1. I didn't research before finalizing

You are outsourcing a part of your project or, sometimes the complete project. For instance, if you are getting an app developed for your business, it counts for an entire project. You don't want to get your hands on a app solution that lacks quality or, on an outsourcing company that delays the project indefinitely.

Most entrepreneurs share an idea and ask for quotes. Simple! If you don't look at the companies for their experience, their expertise or even verify their background, you are going to suffer in the long run. Chances are the agency you have appointed is a fraud.

It is important for you to conduct a thorough market research, understand the companies you have shortlisted, ask for recommendations and follow a process before getting them on-board. Their portfolio is as important as their price, for that is how you will know if it is worth it.

2. I chose the lowest bid

Making a choice based on price can get you either a good deal or a fraud to run after. It is like walking into a sale and realizing you need to be lucky to get a nice piece of dress for the evening. We all deal with strict budgets and no overflow policy but, that doesn't mean you go after someone who has just bid right. A lot of people don't offer the quality or the service you are looking for at that price, and you may end up paying double at the end of the contract.

It is important to compare the cost and the services availed at that cost. You never know you might have an experienced company on-board with support services included at a slightly higher rate.

It is important to sign a contract, decide the milestones for the project and the payment, before getting the agency on-board. When you divide the development into phases, you are able to manage the funds better.

3. I did not check their portfolio

You may have researched about the companies and found them to be good. You may even have compared the shortlisted companies and finalized upon the one you have outsourced to, based on various reasons important to your project. However, not checking their portfolio can be a grave mistake. For one, it helps you understand a lot more about their experience and expertise. You are clear about how they deal with a project and how they introduce features and functionality.

You will even get an idea on whether or not they have an experience dealing with a project that is similar to yours. Work samples talk about quality and give you clarity into who you are dealing with. If it doesn't match what you want, you will be able to disqualify them immediately.

It is important to ask for their past work, look into them, and even talk with the clients they have worked for in the past. It will give you better insight into the agency you are outsourcing your project.

4. I did not communicate before signing them up

It is important for you to communicate and connect with the agency you are about to sign-up for your project, before signing the contract. You will get a better insight into how regular they are with the communication, and the quality of response you get. If the agency does not communicate as regularly as you would like them to, or they do not send a response till about two or three days, you might not want to work with them.

You are not looking for a quick response all the time but, you want someone who takes their work and communication seriously. If there is a problem, the agency should notify you about it immediately, so that you can take the necessary action.

The best way to deal with this issue is to communicate and connect with them overall medium possible and understand how they deal with the different situations. If you are convinced, go ahead and sign them up.

5. I did not arrange for a kick-off meeting

We may call it a time waster but, a kick-off meeting is generally a good idea. It helps define the scope of the project and the requirements from both sides. It helps bring together the two agencies and makes the collaboration effective. However, the most commonly identified mistake is to forego the kick-off meeting, only to get started with the project. An undefined scope and unclear project start will lead to the unstable environment and finally a slow and delayed outcome. This will not just make you suffer in terms of quality but also in terms of the project timeline.

Always meet the outsourced agency's key members and outline the project details for them
Yuvrajsinh Vaghela

Business Growth Strategist, Space-O Technologies

Yuvrajsinh is a Business Growth Strategist at Space-O Technologies. He keeps exploring online tools that can help Entrepreneurs to grow their business organically. In his spare time, he loves to read fiction and copywriting books.


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