5 Ways Your Startup Can Improve Consumer Experiences and Create Social Impact By putting your customers as your priority, you'll begin the process of creating a strong bond with them

By Anupam Sharma

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In early ages, entrepreneurs were the leaders or people who would start a business to create ease among its users or people. But in today's age, the meaning of entrepreneurship has changed. You would see millions of people promoting entrepreneurship as making another stream of income and how to earn more money. Being an entrepreneur means finding a loophole or a problem and solving that problem by creating a business out of it.

But nowadays, entrepreneurship is defined as creating another stream of income these days. Entrepreneurship starts with passion, if you are not passionate about what you are doing you won't be able to survive the good and bad times of your business.

"Reality is, anyone could make a positive social impact in a real world, all we need is stimulate the power in the people"

Here are 5 examples that you could do today, to make a positive social impact:

According to Indian times, approximately 5 per cent of every Indian starts their early stage entrepreneurship journey. And approx 26 per cent will never make it or will drop the idea of being an entrepreneur. That's where the problem arises and we need to have a bigger spectrum to identify things. Here are a few things that can be implemented.

1. Giving Power To People: As said by a few of the top leaders around the world. The only boss of the business is their customers. Customers will never lie and will always show you the face of your organization. Give all your attention towards making your customers happy and satisfied by providing them with great customer experience.

2. Improve Consumer Feedback: In today's world where experiences are a crucial part across industries. All you need is to create an open mechanism to improve consumer feedback. It is always helpful to learn from happy customers and implement their feedback to take your business on the next level.

3. Create An Open Communication Platform: It's difficult to raise your business if you don't know what's holding you back. Hence, it is very important to create an open communication platform which helps your business to grow more and also allow users, customers, and people to be more engaged and interested in your product.

4. Keep Your Customers Happy: Customer support is your ultimate goal, but that can only be accomplished if you are in best standing with them. You should always be in favour of your customers. Give cashback, benefits to people who regularly use your platform or product. By putting your customers as your priority, you'll begin the process of creating a strong bond with them. Happy customers leave their impression on others.

5. Invest 2-5 Per cent of the Profits Back on Social Welfare. It is always good to Invest in social communities to create social impact. Invest 2-5 per cent of the profits back on social welfare.

Anupam Sharma

CEO and Founder, Enlte

Serial entrepreneur with more than 7+ years of entrepreneurship experience. Passionate programmer, with great interest in social innovations via blockchain. With 7+ years of experience in programming Artificial Intelligent cyber security and AI, AR and ML

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