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3 New Features Hitting Whatsapp, Google Maps and Apple's Vision Pro From forwarding outgoing videos to making group travel hassle free and enhancing devices with AI we have seen it all in the past few days. Here are three major feature updates from Whatsapp, Google Maps and Apple's Vision Pro:

By Kavya Pillai

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Rahul Chakraborty

In the ever evolving and fast paced world of technology it is impossible to stay up-to-date. This past week however, tech giants have not taken any hint to slow down. From forwarding outgoing videos to making group travel hassle free and enhancing devices with AI we have seen it all in the past few days. Here are three major feature updates from Whatsapp, Google Maps and Apple's Vision Pro:


WhatsApp, owned by Meta, keeps coming up with new features to improve customer convenience. The messaging app reportedly intends to include the feature of sending outgoing video notes, eliminating the trouble of having to record the same message more than once for various discussions, according to a recent WABetaInfo report. This feature will be made available to beta testers first, then to all users over time.

WhatsApp's dedication to providing user-friendly improvements, users will now be able to effortlessly exchange video notes across many chats with the new forwarding capability. This update is a result of WhatsApp's continuous efforts to improve user experience by offering more flexible methods to use video notes.

Along with these upgrades, WhatsApp is looking into new methods to work with Meta AI. Users will soon be able to create AI-generated photos of themselves. With the aid of Meta AI, users can generate customized photographs by supplying a collection of setup photos. With the ability to remove setup photos at any moment via the Meta AI settings, users will have complete control over their appearance, and this feature will guarantee that the generated images appropriately depict them.

Google Maps

A recent patent filing suggests that the tech giant Google is about to transform group travel with a new function for Google Maps. Targeting customers who are traveling in numerous cars, this feature has the potential to revolutionize the way people navigate to shared locations. Google Maps, one of the most widely used navigation programs worldwide, is continually evolving and provides accurate, step-by-step directions to assist lone travelers. Nonetheless, the latest advancement suggests a change in focus towards improving the experience for groups as well.

It has been stated that the navigation system will use messages and calendar schedules from users to determine their journey intentions. The system may synchronize routes and deliver invites for multi-car navigation to all participants if it detects more than one user on the trip.

Furthermore, utilizing data from the lead car's trip, the navigation service is intended to provide traffic and road condition information to every vehicle in the group. Any car that deviates from the intended path will be notified, and proposed stops can be shared to allow other vehicles to catch up.

Apple Vision Pro

Reportedly, the American tech giant Apple is getting ready to integrate its latest set of artificial intelligence (AI) features into the Apple Vision Pro. These AI capabilities—which were unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024—include advanced writing tools, a Siri that is augmented by AI, emoji, and more. These features were first revealed for macOS Sequoia, iPadOS 18, and iOS 18. It appears that these advancements will also benefit the Vision Pro mixed reality headset, though not this year.

Because of the strong hardware of the Vision Pro, it should be easy to include AI functions. The M2 chipset and 16GB of unified RAM give the headset the capacity to meet the demands of AI tasks. Furthermore, a version of iPadOS called visionOS ought to make it easier to include these new functions.

Kavya Pillai

Entrepreneur Staff

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