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5 Apps for Anonymous Social Networking Want to mingle, rant or share without revealing your personal details? Try these!

By Rustam Singh

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Since the social media boom, IT companies and startups and have tried to make social media seem more than it was originally designed for – entertainment, with a bit of communicating. Now Facebook has integrated everything into itself, from videos, to a personalized URL to your profile, email, news and specially catered ads. Even logins are authenticated from your social media handles, and social media posts are taken way more seriously than they should. With such extreme convenience integrated into one platform, it becomes impossibly complicated to remain private on social media.

You joined social media to make friends, or maybe communicate and keep in touch with your friends and social contacts. Perhaps you use it make social commentary, post reviews or just have fun at memes. Perhaps you are using it strictly to see others or promote your brand. Either way, nobody wants their private information to leak out visible to strangers. But even with its diverse privacy filters, you'd still want attention from strangers – who doesn't? But not at the cost of privacy. This presents an oxymoron of desires. Enter private communication networks – which make you completely anonymous, for everything you used social media for.

Pursue love/lust/ make friends

There are dozens and perhaps hundreds of apps that claim to provide an anonymous network to chat with strangers, but none are as popular as Omegele. Omgele offers a platform to chat or video chat with absolute strangers selected at random,, without the annoying time wasting act of filling forms or authenticating yourself.

Secret confessions

Did you do something really (hopefully legal) bad that you feel guilty about and have to rant about it to someone to get their feedback but are also embarrassed of what they'll think of you? Try using Wisper, one of the most popular networks to secretly confess or wisper something to the anonymous community online for everyone to see.

Rant and laugh at other's misery

One of my personal favorite apps, FML is the best place to be for your daily chuckles that you'd normally miss from social networking. FML stands for the same acronym you think it stands for – F**! My Life – and that's exactly what the app does. Having a bad day? Browse through the posts by real anonymous people having an even worse day than you. Or share yours. The humor here will leave you laughing hysterically, especially if you've got a morbid sense of humor.

Network with strangers

There are several apps that you can sue to network with absolute strangers, such as Hike and WeChat's "throw bottle" feature. Since users cannot see your face or any details, they make the perfect platform to talk and be yourself – or the exact opposite, and be someone you forever wanted to be. The internet's vastness is infinite!

Share live streaming worldwide

Share your awesome scenery, or picturesque food or anything you're proud of through periscope. It's essentially connecting with strangers' vision and what they're seeing. It really helps to know what a small world we really live in.


Given the extreme lack of any form of authenticity and anonymity, a majority of these networks will be filled with uncensored content – include penitential cyber-harassment, illicit activities and pornography. Use caution and your own sensibility before trying any of them. NFSW.

Which is your personal favorite secret anonymous network? Let us know in the comments on our official social networking page at Entrepreneur India

Rustam Singh


Tech reporter.

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