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5 Online Trends To Implement In Your Digital Marketing Strategy Implementing these technologies as part of your promotional strategy is essential.

By David Wither

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Online marketing is one of the most powerful promotional mediums available to modern businesses. While this platform allows for unparalleled control over how your message is perceived by consumers, your marketing strategy need be adjusted to suit the changing trends in media consumption.

These 5 new technologies have radically changed the way that we access information online. Implementing these technologies as part of your promotional strategy is essential if you want to remain competitive in an increasingly digital economy.

Improved Analytical Data Mining
The importance of creating marketing campaigns based on actual user behavior is well known. According to Anthony Sarandrea, CEO of SiteFlood, creating campaigns"isn't about throwing a bunch of stuff at the wall to see what sticks. There is a specific formula that can be tailored for every business and industry, to gain the most targeted consumers."

Analytics provides the data we need for these formulas, and incredible strides have been made toward improving the scope and accuracy of the information we collect. We are now able to track users independently of the device they are using. Whether they're on their mobile device or curled up on the couch with their laptop, their actions are tied specifically to their online profile.

Event tracking allows your business to custom tailor the data you collect to your independent needs. Track-specific user actions such as video plays, newsletter signups, or social interactions and collect data that can be used to directly improve the effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

Standardization of the Mobile Web
Mobile web use isn't just growing; it is now individually the largest source of internet traffic. Research conducted across hundreds of the most popular websites show that mobile users account for 54% of all cumulative page views. Your website doesn't just need to be optimized for mobile use, you also need to take advantage of the powerful promotional tools available on the platform.

Thanks to the advanced sensors present in mobile devices, Google AdWords Mobile now provides you with ultra-specific geographical targeting. You can also filter users based on their carrier, device type or even operating system. Because ad-blocking software is very rarely found on mobile devices, this traffic source tends to provide your campaigns with improved reach and greater conversion rates than desktop platforms.

The Rise of Social Media Ad Platforms
White advertising directly on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram has been available for quite some time, these platforms have grown to offer a more all-inclusive web experience. Continuing to neglect these platforms in your PPC campaigns means that you are giving up access to inexpensive clicks and targeted traffic.

Users on these social media platforms are in a different mindset than users searching for information on Google or browsing websites through the Content Display Network. Social media users are looking to consume information. Promoting the benefits of your products and instructional material detailing how your commercial offerings can be used are incredibly effective methods of communicating with consumers.

Advanced Re-Targeting
Many consumers need to be exposed to your brand multiple times before you are able to effectively resonate with them. With google AdWords, you are able to create custom ads displayed only to users who have already visited your website. Combined with the event tracking features of Google Analytics, you can create advertisements that are specifically generated to meet the exact needs of your users.

Embedded Video
Web users are used to seeing advertisements in all of the content they consume. Whenever you're competing with multiple advertisers for the attention of the end-user, you need to take advantage of every opportunity you have to stand out from the crowd. With high bandwidth internet service more prevalent than ever, we can now display eye-catching full motion videos to users. This media rich experience gives you more control over how your message is perceived and has a much higher click through rate than contextual text ads or banners

The secret to any successful marketing campaign is diversification. While each of these tools provides a direct boost to the reach of your promotional materials, it's not until you integrate these technologies into an inclusive campaign that you'll be able to multiply your ROI beyond what was possible on older marketing platforms.

David Wither

Team and Startup Management Coach, Wither Leadership Consulting


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