7 Apps that will Help every Millennial Develop an Entrepreneurial Spirit

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Corporate life is not easy. The pressure to do your best while handling multiple things can sooner or later throw everyone into the mundane nature of the job where one, tired of dodgingdifferentworks and responsibilities, simply settle with one role.


But, if there is one thing that is asked from all employees and impacts oursuccess, it is the Entrepreneurial Skills we show. While it can be difficult to show zeal when you have hit stagnancy, it pays off when you are in your game straight from the first month of your job.

If you, the reader, are a new entrant in the corporate web looking to make a mark in the company and somedaythe industry, this article will enlist seven apps that will handle the Entrepreneurial Spirit of your KRA.

Here are the seven apps that every millennial should install the second they join the corporate world:

1. Evernote – For organization of notes

Available for: iPhone and Android

Features:The app helps you view and edit your notes on the go, even in the offline mode. You can even present your notes in full screen layout mode. Evernote also lets youscan PDF s and images.

2. Brainsparker – For getting rid of the brain rut

Available for: iPhone and Android

Features: The app offers a number of creative workout, images, and quotes to polish the creative side of your brain. The developers' also offer courses to teach you creative skills and techniques while giving you the chance to practice them.

3. LinkedIn – For making networks

Available for: iPhone and Android

Features: From writing and sharing posts to messaging your connections and viewing profiles of the many you will or should encounter in your career, LinkedIn app is the one tool that handles all your networking needs, seamlessly.

4. TED – For getting inspired

Available for: iPhone and Android

Features: The app allows you to choose, watch, and download from the million Ted talks. All you have to do is install the app and you will have a series of industry's thought leaders on your fingertips.

Another use of the app is that you can learn the various styles of presenting your thoughts and use it the next time around.

5. FlipBoard – For being up to date

Available for: iPhone and Android

Features: The app keeps you updated with everything happening in the industryyoufollow. You can even save articles or news pieces for later in your personal FlipBoard magazine.

For the times when you will have to show off your knowledge, the app will come in very handy.

6. Refresh – For being accustomed with new people

Available for: iPhone

Features: The app accumulates information from your social media accounts, emails, and calendar and converts them into a handbook of information about the person you are going to meet. It also saves time to attach a personal bio in the emails by sending an auto generated mailto the other person, through its "Make Introduction' feature.

Refresh will support you when you are out making lasting connections with someone.

7. Hootsuite – For an active social media presence

Available for: iPhone and Android

Features: The app keeps your brand'ssocial media strategy in check by posting posts on your behalf: all you have to do is feed a few posts in the app and assign a schedule to each. The premium version of app even helps you delegate responses to your team members.

Hootsuite proves to be very helpful on busy days.

While these are just seven apps that have been time tested to have an impact on the professionals, there are a number of other apps in both Android and iPhone that promises to make you more productive. But because at this stage you have a lot of things to learn and explore, don't get tangledin the mesh, limit yourself to the few tested ones and focus on understanding and making your place in the organization.