A Cryptocurrency Trading Bot Which Is Revolutionizing the Trading Realm Insider Protocol is a brand-new crypto trading ecosystem that has brought the concept of trading bots into reality

By Anirban Roy

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Anirban Roy

The Mechanics of the Future from Insider Protocol project has been lately working on anonymity-centred crypto swapping tool. And finally, the Atlas DEX Swap solution launched on the 1 June 2021. DEX Swaps are primarily decentralized exchange swapping services that allow users to exchange any cryptocurrency for another in a completely decentralized manner without leaving their blockchain wallet. Swapping solutions have offered crypto users the utmost flexibility to effortlessly swap the current currency for any future value-driven asset or coins.

The Atlas DEX Swap works on the same principle. However, it does come with certain additional benefits, making it more efficient than any other similar solution on the internet. The Mechanics of the Future team proudly announces Atlas DEX as a fully decentralized swap service. The developer team has craved it with implemented privacy protocol and a zero-knowledge-proof concept. Besides, it requires no registration, no KYC, and is only an anonymity-focused service with enhanced features.

Insider Protocol is a brand-new crypto trading ecosystem that has brought the concept of trading bots into reality. The ecosystem puts its major concerns to provide the utmost anonymity and zero possibilities of tracking any transactions of its users. The platform weaves a much simpler path for people to generate passive incomes from various trading pools through their intelligent trading bots.

Besides, Insider Protocol developed by a team known as 'The Mechanics of the Future.' Several programmers of this team have come from the Greenhouse CM and Swift Trade, professionals who know how to counter banking and other exchange HFT bots. Moreover, this team is now developing its blockchain system based on the Mimblewimble (MW) protocol. The entire team has set very high standards for this project, and they even look forward to surpassing the beloved Monero.

The platform is temporarily using the ERC20 protocol while its blockchain system is still under development. The crucial aspect of this project is joining the liquidity of any trading fund and driving maximum profits through neural networks. Insider Protocol trading bot combines and uses multiple algorithms, although they function on high-frequency and positional trading. These algorithms implement themselves in layering trading techniques to increase efficiency.

However, these trading techniques have been banned for ordinary people since the financial realms had to suffer huge losses once but this is where Insider Protocol comes in handy as they leave everything to their artificially intelligent trading bots.

Their trading algorithms are developed to come up with accurate trading decisions and take actions accordingly. "Trading bots can be extremely convenient for newer users to get started with trading, but they do have limitations. Learning about how trading works, the projects involved, and where the value lies is part of becoming a better trader, and through our Learn and Earn and Earn Crypto services, we're trying to incentivize more users to learn the ropes," said Jack Tao, CEO of Phemex, one of the largest crypto derivatives exchanges.

What is the Option X Algorithm?

The team is continuing to improve the Option X algorithm, a major algorithm for institutional traders. The results from the BitMEX account, which was shortly published by the project team, were also connected to the trading algorithm via Option X. And within a week or two devs are going to update the Option X algorithm with significant improvements.

The Option X algorithm works in mystical ways. It places consecutive orders for purchase and sales of assets that are to be traded in the exchange. However, its real intention is neither to purchase nor to sell the assets. It simply creates a positive impression of the particular assets in the eyes of other traders. Once the traders are convinced that the asset is high on demand, they are forced to make their purchase orders. By this time, the trading bots raise the purchase price to a certain level to drive a considerable amount of profit. And when a trader makes their buy order, it becomes the order of the bot.

This algorithm has already proven to be very effective. Also, the previous BitMEX account analysis has shown promising results. Moreover, the system can observe both money management and risk management factors precisely. It is because of the enhanced risk management module of the Option X algorithm; the system can minimize the losses, and sometimes you can also encounter a series of days without any profits. However, it slowly covers for the losses and gains profit automatically.


In the end, the Insider Protocol project aims to create a completely decentralized blockchain system with its native asset known as IPRO. It provides a promising platform for users to make passive incomes through their trading cards. Besides, the team 'The Mechanics of the Future' is already working on a handful of projects, including an alternative to LocalCryptos that possesses absolute anonymity and without the need for any registration or KYC.

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