A Top Protocol Linking Blockchain With Tourism Ariva is the first platform to integrate the tourism and travelling sector into blockchain technology

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The future of tourism has taken a new turn, and Ariva is at the forefront of this new development. The project is the first platform to integrate the tourism and travelling sector into blockchain technology. In addition, leading sectors like finance, entertainment, health and media are utilising the blockchain. Therefore, it is no surprise that Ariva is influencing the tourism industry with its innovations.

During a summit held in Dubai on 26 March 2022, the fast-growing blockchain platform was acknowledged as one of the top drivers of blockchain technology in the tourism and travel industry. To break more ground in this sector, Ariva aim to be the game-changer in the crypto space by ensuring its token, ARV, is actively circulated in the tourism industry.

Ariva Gets the Attention Of Key Stakeholders

Ariva Digital, in collaboration with the World Tourism Forum Blockchain, recently organised The Global Tourism Forum Blockchain for Travel Summit with the support of Dubai Tourism. The summit attracted stakeholders and relevant speakers to discuss how blockchain could influence tourism.

Francois Hollande, former France President, stated that blockchain technology could help governments and private sectors to retain critical data and shape investment plans in the tourism sector, which could take tourism to the next level.

"More accurate data created by blockchain and cryptocurrency payment technologies will help governments and private sectors to shape their investment plans and services on tourism effectively. Cryptocurrencies will allow us to create a payment system that secures more than anything we are currently using. I think this system will evolve worldwide." Holland added.

He further noted, "'It's all governments and head of states' responsibility to make travel easier to access for everyone. They need to develop all the conditions to facilitate not only subjects such as health, transportation and security but also new technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Because these technologies can give us some elements that allow us to lower fees and more security to further support the movement of travel''.

Top international banker Kaiser Naseem also agreed that blockchain could improve the finance sector, and Ismail Ertug, a member of the European Parliament, believed that all parties would benefit from the technology. "My wish is to set the golden standard for regulations on these new technologies should be coming and driven by EU," he added.

Jose Ramon Bauza, a member of the European Parliament, also believed that blockchain could transform different sectors in the EU. "As EU, we should take our competitive position on the blockchain. Blockchain is an opportunity. If you don't see it, you lose your time. The EU and its all members should take their competitive place on blockchain and cryptocurrencies against other regions. The leader of the EU should be advised well on these developments," he said.

He also added that blockchain is related to almost everything we see every day about tourism. "Can you imagine that when we're on a flight, it can happen to us to lose our luggage...Thanks to blockchain, it can be avoided. So, blockchain can help us in every single chain of the tourism industry."

Haitham Mattar, managing director of MEA & South West Asia, IHG Hotels & Resorts, also added his thoughts on the state of the tourism industry. "There is no hotel operator today that is meeting the expectations of any owner. Hotel owners, like any business, want to operate from a dashboard of quick information. So, we're now using artificial intelligence not only to appease the owners but to also improve our reservations. It allows our guests to make bookings and have confirmations faster - and hopefully gives the owners what they want easy access to information to make quick smart financial decisions."

He further added, "I dream about hotels without receptionists. The AI helps self-check-in and save guests' time. In today's world, even 5 minutes of waiting in line is a very long time. We use technology to follow and improve these experiences."

Dr Michael Gebert, the Chairman of the European Blockchain Association, also pointed out the importance of blockchain technology. "'We need to understand blockchain to use it. If you compare blockchain to the use of money, nobody understands how money is working at the moment. You use it for granted, and you rely on trust. So the common issue between blockchain and money is trust, and I think if you go back to that level of experience, trust is needed to do things that interact successfully or simulated."

"Importance of the tourism industry from the blockchain side is, tourism means lots of data, and If data is in place, the trust is in place. If the trust is settled, it is ground from there to build up relations and businesses," he added.

Top platforms like Bitcoin, CryptoSlate, Yahoo News, Bloomberg, Nasdaq, Bsc.news, and Benzinga noted that Ariva is on its way to leading tourism into the blockchain world.

Development for the Future

Recently, Ariva announced a partnership with the Global Tourism Forum (GTF), the centrepiece of the World Tourism Forum Institute (WTFI). The collaboration will create long-lasting solutions to tourism difficulties and integrate blockchain technology into the industry.

Furthermore, Ariva announced that its token, ARV, is listed on one of the leading exchanges, Huobi. With time, it will be used by tourists and travel agencies on the blockchain network for transactions.

The rise of cryptocurrency in tourism would also allow hotel owners to switch to digital currencies, which is faster and more efficient. Moreover, the crypto community is dominated by young individuals, and this could be a good way for travelling agencies to focus their marketing through the proper channels.

Ariva has built on its success with the release of Ariva.World. Ariva.world allows tourists and travellers to enjoy travelling services with Ariva Coin. To back this new development, Ariva.Finance will enable users to make reservations on Ariva.World.

Note: Investment in cryptocurrency is subject to risk and readers should do their own due diligence. Entrepreneur Media does not endorse any such investment.

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