5 Ways AI Has Made a Difference in the HR Industry

Remember when employees used to go to the HR and hand over a letter in case they wanted a leave? Well, gone are those days and this is the AI-driven world

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Let's start with a basic question, when you are in a hurry and want to know how something is done which of the two do you tend to do: refer a book about the topic or simply google your problem... If you just said "refer a book", we both know you're joking.


This year has been all about artificial intelligence. We believe it's one thing everyone talks about but only a few companies have spoken it into existence. And those companies that have spoken it into existence are, needless to say, extremely happy with the results. With automated software and chatbots, artificial intelligence has become your secret workhorse. While this technology is being used in all aspects of business and in particular, management, AI has been most successful in sourcing, screen and nurturing candidates. It has also proven to be effective in scheduling interviews, engaging with and interviewing the candidates. In the recruitment industry, AI has taken a strong foothold and will continue to replace the more repetitive parts of the job.

Here is How it Has Brought a Difference in the HR Industry:

Screening the Application: let's start from the very basics. When a potential employee applies for a role, AI helps a firm get first-line feedback by asking preliminary questions. This further helps the HR department in figuring out the candidate better, unlike old days when one had to wait for days for an interview. Now you know they're not lying when they say "time is money." Technology has truly helped us save time and in turn, focus on other important aspects of work. This has helped assess candidates in the quickest and most effective way possible.

Engagement: It is known as a fact that job seekers would always get anxious after interviews and before the HR replied. That period is extremely nerve-wracking and it is certain that everyone has gone through that as well. Well, who hasn't?

Well, AI has brought an end to that. Once the individual applies, companies use AI to keep the candidate engaged and let them know the status of their application.

So you've got your perfect employee. What next? It's time to orient them to the company's culture, ethics and norms. AI can be useful here too. It can be used to tell employees about the policies, processes, information, and resources. This saves the time and effort of senior management. Many companies use videos, apps, and software to do this. Of course, this is industry and company-specific but the whole process is extremely flexible and adaptable.

Employee Training: Every employee is different. While nothing can beat a face-to-face learning experience, sometimes people learn without having a superior figure providing them with everything. AI becomes the mentor here. This also helps as performance anxiety is reduced since there is no actual person overseeing exactly what they're doing.

Maintaining Good Relations with Employees: Remember when employees used to go to the HR and hand over a letter in case they wanted a leave? Well, gone are those days. Now all you need to do is log on to the server and leave a request. The same holds true for any internal communication. The process has become smooth, easy and surely transparent.

With websites like LinkedIn and Naukri.com, we can clearly see how AI is playing an extremely important role in getting the right people to the right companies. It's no doubt that there still is a long way to go but with the help of this extremely powerful tool, the process seems to be a lot easier!