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How You Can Carve Your Own Way With Augmented Reality Augmented reality assures your consumers of the right value for their money

By Vikash Kumar

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Augmented Reality is a hot potato in the field of marketing these days! Initially viewed as an attempt at innovation, the technology has already entered into the mainstream offering real long-term impacts. In simple words, have you used a Snapchat filter or "tried on'makeup digitally? This means you have used AR.

The latest bunch of technologies have revolutionized the way companies conduct business; those who seek value from technology-based options must move faster as their digital business efforts move into high gear. Augmented Reality (AR) has become the big player in the market as it has the potential to create seamless consumer experiences and engaging in a different manner. Recent advancements in the technology include the release of Apple's ARKit and Google's ARCore. In tandem with opportunities, comfort and adoption levels have even risen to a great extent.

Science fiction comes to life

Ranging from apps, helmets to smart glasses, Augmented Reality has taken a major leap forward, leading to widespread adoption. In parallel, some of the major tech giants like Apple and Google have been observed investing heavily in AR making things efficient and accessible to its billions of users. On that note, Apple's chief executive, Tim Cook said, AR will be as important as eating three meals a day. In fact, it may even interest you to know that Facebook revealed its plans for users to digitally sculpt a 3D object and share via the technology.

How does AR affect the way consumers deal with the brand?

We always look to answer the big questions. One question that has been plaguing me for a long time is- How Augmented Reality is changing the consumer behaviour? Well, I can give you five solid reasons. Just hang in there!

  • Instant Interaction- Augmented Reality creates an interactive experience like never before. This results in the engagement of more and more customers intuitively. Earlier, a customer was the considered as the king but now he is the emperor.

  • Real-time feedback- As the point itself implies, customers can provide instant detailed feedbacks on the product bought. Whether the item is being shared or not, what kind of channels, how long they looked at a particular item and more, etc. This aspect works wonders for a digital marketer.

  • Personalization- A seamless omnichannel experience is waiting for you. Have you used the L'Oreal's Makeup Genius app? Of course, it's for women. They can see makeup being applied in real time using facial recognition technology.

  • Gamification- Pokemon Go is the best example to consider. The augmented reality-based game had millions of players in no time. People of all age demographics were seen going all guns to catch all the characters—some of them even getting hit by cars and falling off cliffs.

  • Tracking of ROI- The technology even allows brands to track the most effective route from initial contact to the cash register. Such real-time pictures can successfully help digital experts to track ROI effectively.

Where are we heading to?

Leading brands and retailers such as Sephora, GSK, Nestlé and Jaguar, LandRover strongly feel that AR has a "WOW" factor. Delivering personalized advice, provenance information on food, additional services on products, conducting inspiring campaigns that move far beyond gimmicks, etc, anything can be achieved by harnessing the technology.

Other than this, several brands have started integrating AR into their existing apps. For example- With the help of such technology, Ikea allows its users to test the way furniture might look in their homes. As a result, several retailers have started following the trend of making the ability to purchase items quicker and easier than ever.

Apart from this, it may quite interest you to know that confectionary brand Cadbury harnessed Augmented Reality to improve the Christmas advent calendar experience for its consumers. According to the reports, the campaign was recognized as the fourth best-selling advent calendar in the UK in 2017, with 200,000 consumer interactions with AR and a high repeat usage.

A few ways to immerse consumers in AR

Good news! With the rise in such technologies, the future we were promised in the science fiction stories has shown up. Apart from this consumers are moving to own a piece of that promise. Due to which marketers are integrating AR, VR and 360 video into campaigns more regularly and seamlessly. In addition to this, choosing the right strategy place and understanding what their audience is craving for is very crucial for marketers to consider before serving the final product. It all depends on how you immerse and not irritate your consumers with the emerging technology.

Serve the right purpose

Much like traditional advertising, your digital campaign requires serving a purpose. Several options can be considered right from story-telling to connecting a brand's deals to a consumer's mobile wallet. Businesses have to make sure that they don't fall into misconception by thinking that just using AR for the sake of it being a new thing to try will create an engaging or relevant experience.

It is all about making your audiences believe that they are making purchases on a deeper level in comparison to others.

Blend AR with emotions

A good story is always about making a connection with your customers. Whether use AR or VR technology, brands should always keep the audience's emotions in mind- your emotional touch is something which will make difference to them. Make effective use of emotive milestones like weddings or first homes where you can show how to place your product effectively. It's all about assuring your consumers to get the right value for your pennies, with latest trends prevailing in this tech-gear.

Any Consumer Can Benefit from Augmented Reality- the One's Aren't Keeping Have A Lot to Lose!

Vikash Kumar

Manager, Tatvasoft

Vikash Kumar is Manager at Tatvasoft, a Software development and Enterprise level Mobile & Web application Development Company. Apart from his profession, he also has a passion of blogging in which he shares his expert advice on Enterprise Solutions and AI, AR.

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