Building the World's First Monastery In the Metaverse NFT Gurus is an NFT project by the founders of the luxury platform on Instagram, The Trillionaire Life

By Shishir Jajoo

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In all honesty, most people are still struggling to understand what the metaverse is all about. However, that has not stopped them from acknowledging that it is the next big thing. Judging by the innovations taking shape in the industry, it is apparent that the metaverse will revolutionize life as we know it. NFT Gurus has zeroed in on the metaverse and found where they fit in the ongoing revolution.

NFT Gurus is an NFT project by the founders of the world's most-followed luxury platform on Instagram - The Trillionaire Life. The world is shifting in a new direction, and NFT Gurus is taking steps to be among those who lead the change. NFT Gurus has a total of 7777 NFTs, which are now sold out. Stored as ERC-721 tokens, and hosted on IPFS Ethereum Blockchain. NFT Gurus was cofounded by Hunny and Bunny, off-market commercial realtors and investors, and Vaibhav Sharma, a high-level partnership and business consultant. According to the co-founders, with the success of NFT Gurus, stepping into the metaverse was the next logical step.

NFT Gurus is currently building the world's first monastery in the metaverse. At this point, all players are exploring the depths of the metaverse and finding that next big thing. Having a sanctuary in the metaverse is the first and unique idea that sets NFT Gurus apart. The Guru NFT is a utility token that gives members access to exclusive events. Members also get access to merchandise and an art store that will feature limited edition clothing and products.

The monastery in the metaverse by NFT Gurus is much-awaited and celebrated by fans and celebrities alike. Many celebrities have shared news about the project on their social media platforms. With one NFT selling for $1million, NFT Gurus are well set to build the monastery. Many yoga and meditation celebrities have also taken an interest in this project and will be on board. The project will also be showcased on Time Square Billboard. NFT Gurus has acquired land on major metaverse platforms like Decentraland and Sandbox to build the the monastery.

NFT Guru's co-founders believe that as the world steps into the next phase of innovation, a general understanding of the metaverse will be crucial. That is why even those who don't understand it all are interested in learning. The excitement for the world's first monastery in the metaverse is expected to carry on throughout the project.

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