Cyrus Broacha On His Favourite Apps

We spoke to the eternally funny man Cyrus Broacha to tell us about his favourite apps.

By Kabir Singh Bhandari

Cyrus Broacha

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We find ourselves surrounded with a galaxy of apps nowadays, some of which are commonly used and others which we might not know the use for. So we spoke to the eternally funny man Cyrus Broacha to tell us about his favourite apps. Cyrus also made it a point to mention that there were certain adult apps too which he is fond of but refrained from mentioning them.

Teleprompter App: This is a useful app, not for my own stuff, as I end up talking a lot of rubbish, but for messages, as I can't remember names or numbers. It helps as it can go according to the pace of your voice.

Hotstar: I can't live without it because Indian cricket is mostly on Hotstar. 70 per cent of my life is cricket, the remaining 30 per cent is nonvegetarian food and water.

SonyLiv: They stream a lot of the other sports like football which I watch. And for a person with no job, you need to have both these apps.

Google Maps: This app is essential for a person like me who does not understand directions. If you aren't Shah Rukh Khan or Amitabh Bachchan you end up working in some of the cheapest studios in Mira Road, Nalasopara or Madh Island which are quite difficult to locate.

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