Electric Vehicles to Buy by the End of 2021 Check out this comprehensive list of electric cars to find out your choice

By Puneet Kapani

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Audi E-tron

Recently, the Indian government signed up some new policies. In these, one of the sanctioned policies was to prospect electric vehicles in the country. Taking into appeal, the state government and the central government have started accepting electric cars proposals to sell in the market. The government decides to offer incentives on every kWh. Central government FAME II provides a bonus of INR 15,000 for every kWh. On the other hand, states like Gujarat and Maharashtra offer compensation of INR 5000 for each KWh for four-wheeler electric vehicles as well as two-wheeler electric vehicles.

Although these electric vehicles are up with heavy price tags, you couldn't neglect these great incentives. Car lovers can come forward to take away these exclusive electric vehicles under minimum pricing with a discount of INR 2.5 lakh for four-wheelers in Maharashtra if registered before the end of the year. For two-wheelers, the discount hikes to INR 44000. Isn't this an excellent opportunity to take away electric vehicles right now before the end of the offer? Wondering which one to purchase?

Check out this comprehensive list of electric cars to find out your choice:


MG is one of the brands that launched their battery-based electric vehicles in India. They are most likely to bring more electric cars to India. MG ZS EV doesn't fit the criteria of the subsidies. Because it exceeds the 44 kWh battery, which is the limit set by the government to avail for offerings. It is one of the most inexpensive and well-qualified electric vehicles that can be considered over other pricing options. You can benefit from this car with an initial price of INR 20.99 lakh.

Ola's Electric Scooter

Ola has spread widely due to its business model to generate enough revenue across the market. With this small achievement, Ola is launching its electric scooter with pocket-friendly pricing options. However, people can't stop booking Ola's electric scooter. Till now, Ola initially accomplished 10000 bookings in a single day for this electric vehicle. It comes up with an average km range of 140 and has variant colors. The speed limit set for the electric car is 80 Kmph. The price range goes around INR 1 lakh.

Audi e-Tron

Audi's maiden EV offers some wholesome features in the market. It was introduced in the market with an initial price of INR 1.16 crore. The electric vehicle is designed with some elegant interiors and parts set up. These are multiple driving modes, finite cabins, and a Bang & stereo system. Additionally, the top shelf Audi is rounded with bells and whistles. Its battery capacity is around 95 kWh, which is an exclusive one for a real world wide range of 400 km. It has a dual-motor setup along with a complimentary box charger whose standard capacity is 11 kw. Again, the Audi car dealers are sourcing their buyers with accessible DC setups. The company has set a subsidy of guaranteed buyback for loyal consumers.

Puneet Kapani

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