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Musings on Pregnancy & Technology: How Mobile Apps are Making a Would-be Mother's Life Easier There exists an app for almost all of your pregnancy needs, and here are just a few ways in which they can enrich your life

By Aanchal Jain

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Pregnancy is a unique and beautiful journey, and definitely one that every mother wishes to document. Luckily, social media makes it easier than ever to share every precious moment with your loved ones! And that's why, during these nine months (and after) it's common to see parents get extremely social, Internet style!

And why not! It's a great way to celebrate your pregnancy. Get on social networking sites to post photos, bumpies (selfies of your bump!), collages, videos, boomerangs, stories, snaps, and anything that your heart desires. You can also join online forums as they are an excellent way to talk to other expecting parents going through exactly the same things as you.

But while these are the normal things that an expecting parent might use their smartphone for, there are so many other ways that the Internet can streamline this journey for you and take your prenatal care game to the next level!

There exists an app for almost all of your pregnancy needs, and here are just a few ways in which they can enrich your life.

Personal Library

These nine months are full of conversations between you and your significant other as you try to answer all the important questions. And this is exactly where parenting apps can help you stay ahead of the curve with their bank of unlimited knowledge! From the technicalities of the gestation period to quick how-to's for cooking up the perfect pregnancy meal to answers to your questions related to all things parenting, these apps are a marvellous source of information for almost all things pregnancy-related.

And if you're wondering what sets these apps apart from the hundreds and thousands of web pages filled with pregnancy know-how, it all lies in the authenticity of the information. These apps (at least the well-reputed ones like Baby Chakra and What To Expect) are curated by experts. So, you don't have to worry about sub-par or questionable advice being handed out to you.

Doctor at Your Fingertips

Prenatal visits can get really expensive and time-consuming! And while, it goes without saying that for all your tests, prescriptions, etc. you need to consult your OB/GYN, for your everyday queries, an online doctor works like a charm. This way you don't end up feeling guilty for pestering your doctor for every stray cramp or midnight bout of morning sickness you experience. At the same time, you don't compromise on the smallest aspect of your health and get timely advice from reliable sources.

Wind Down with Apps

If this sounds like a strange combination to you, you're missing out on the amazing world of relaxation apps. From apps that provide guided meditation sessions to ones that help you empty your mind so you can get a good night's sleep, the services provided by them are endless. But, as effective these generalized apps are, you shouldn't miss out on the wonders of pregnancy-centric apps like Mind The Bump. Made by pregnancy experts, they come with specialized programs that help you accept the physical changes you're going through and sort through the emotional upheaval you're going through during this time.

Online Shopping Therapy

If an expecting mom was to make a list for Santa, his elves would have to work weekends and nights to get everything packed in the sleigh by the eve of the birth. You need maternity and baby clothes, stuff for the baby's room, car seats, breast pumps … the list just goes on! So, how do you buy them all, that too without working Santa's elves to death?

Online shopping is the way to go because pregnancy is no time to be running around malls with a hundred bags in your hands and getting jostled by the crowds! So, don't be afraid to experiment, and order from the myriad of pregnancy stores available online. And if you get it wrong, return policies are a great thing!

The Bottom Line

Anyone who has held a phone in their hands can tell you one thing – they're an amazing source of entertainment. And as much as pregnancy is a magical time, it is also a painful and uncomfortable one. So, to get your mind off the pain, it is okay to reach for your phone for some much-needed downtime. Stream movies and TV shows, listen to calming music, play games (not violent ones!), chat with your friends, surf the net, and do whatever else you want to relax.

On the other side, even though technology seems like the perfect pregnancy companion, you must remember that it isn't your one-stop solution for all your pregnancy-related needs. You need to consult a doctor for all important decisions. And if you're unsure about a minor one, give him / her ring for that too! As long as you're mindful of how you use technology, it can be the wind in your sails to get you across this voyage smoothly. So, don't be afraid to try as many apps as you want to till you find those few that feel just right to you!

Aanchal Jain

Founder, The Bump to Baby Co.


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