How AI, Growth Hacking Together can Create a Deadly Product Artificial Intelligence is helping companies gain a competitive edge by providing them with different services and solutions

By Surbhi Takkar

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In the current scenario of the business world, nothing is really steady. What remains constant is the idea of people to recurrently come up with new trends and concepts only to make it bigger and better.

In a world where everyone is getting into a race of becoming smart and intelligent, the tech industry has a completely new win story to offer. Just recently, a robot named Sophia has gained its citizenship in Saudi Arabia. Who would have even thought of it becoming true some decades back? Not a lot of people, we know!

Artificial Intelligence has always managed to fascinate a large group of savvies, who percept these virtual form of intellect into a necessity in the times to come. It has brought a whole new trend, a trend which enables big and small companies to make major amplifications in their methods and tools to deal with the market and its audience.

Take for example; Companies from Google to TaskRabbit are engineering products to act as super-powered personal assistants. Some, like Apple's Siri, Google's Now, Facebook's M, or Microsoft's Cortana, rely entirely on technology. This advancement in technology has not changed its user's experience forever but has also bid itself in the game of marketing or rather, talking about the recent trend of "Growth Hacking'.

Leaning Towards the Trends

Growth hacking in minimum words is, to care about "growth' of the company, come what may and take the road, whichever needs to be taken. The ultimate goal of a growth hacker in any industry is to access and attain growth and not remain plateau. A lot of entrepreneurs look forward to engaging Artificial Intelligence as a tool in growth hacking and nobody can argue about the negative sides of it.

Artificial Intelligence is helping companies in gaining a competitive edge in the market by providing them with different services and solutions. This allows them to not only reduce the work hours but spend more time on productive and intellectual aspects, and, eventually, to take the business to another level.

Made for the Society

Rahul Agarwal, Founder Artyosis and E-Gaushala, an ex-Education Consultant at Intel and an upcoming young entrepreneurial mind have an extensive working experience and knowledge in the field of AI had a lot of share about it.

"Having done revolutionary projects on Artificial Intelligence and being an author of the book about deep learning in AI, it is inevitable that Artificial Intelligence is going to create a new world for us. From people's lifestyle to business and leisure time, AI will make things much easier and more productive," he said.

The target for almost every company today is to work towards the future of the mankind and that's what the tech industry mainly is relied upon for. When it comes to AI, the first word which associates with it is "the future' followed by the thoughts about how it is going to be beneficial for the society.

Much of the transformation in the court of society has been duly carried out by ingeniously stretching out non- profit organizations, which run for issues like animal shelters in the technical grounds. A similar approach was taken to create an "E-Gaushala', wherein concept like virtual donation works and holds a large room for more AI algorithms to be inculcated.

When asked about his eye on the future, Rahul Agarwal says "through my venture E-Gaushala, I want to bring people's attention towards trivial and overlooked issues in the society. Just like there are machine milking cows in Israel, an AI algorithm will be worked upon to make cows and Gaushalas more technically sound and productive in the near future."

The Conclusion

There have been a lot of panels conducted on the topic of growth hacking and Artificial Intelligence and its use in the different areas, it is, however, undoubted that AI and growth both can create miracles together, whichever industry it is applied upon. "The time is not far when it will be a tough choice to choose between human labor and your computer generated partner." — Rahul Agarwal.
Surbhi Takkar

HR at Zee Media Corporation

Surbhi Takkar manages end to end HR for all functions along with Talent Acquisition for tech & non-tech departments at Surbhi loves exposing herself to new experiences and building relationships across boundaries especially with people from different entrepreneurial backgrounds, beliefs, generations, etc. and applying fresh solutions to existing complex problems in a society. 

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