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How Social Media Is Changing Technology Computer programmers are incorporating social media networking into their software programs. There are also cases where social media influences which software programs get developed in the first place

By Prabhjeet Bhatla

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Social media and technology have evolved tremendously over the last two decades. Each one has helped the other evolve in unique ways. Technological advancements have allowed people to engage with social media on smartphones and computers. Now people are connected through social media wherever they go because everyone has a smartphone in their pocket or purse.

On the flip side, social media is changing technology as well. Computer programmers are incorporating social media networking into their software programs. There are also cases where social media influences which software programs get developed in the first place. Business technology has become largely dependent on social media in more ways than one.

Below are the top 7 ways in which social media is changing technology.


When was the last time you had a verbal conversation with a friend or family member on the phone? If you used your phone for anything, it was probably to check your social media feed for any new comments or messages from your followers. Fewer people communicate the old-fashioned way of talking to people. Now they use social media messaging as their primary form of communication with friends and family.

A smartphone is not really a phone anymore. It is a portable computer that you can fit in your pocket. Just download the mobile apps of your favorite social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, and use the apps to communicate with people. It is the pattern most people follow nowadays.

Social media communication consists of text messaging and group chatting. You could create a video or audio recording with your smartphone and upload it to social media. Some networks even let you air live video too. But if you want to have an actual verbal conversation with someone, you'll be lucky to find anyone under 40 who is interested in doing that.

Software Development

Microsoft owns a subsidiary company called GitHub, Inc., which operates a code hosting platform for software developers. If you and your software development team want to work together on the same project from different locations, GitHub will let you do that. It stores all the coding on its hosting platform, so your team can access it from anywhere.

We can thank social media and its contribution to making this possible. It gives programmers a chance to collaborate and communicate with each other on programs. They can learn and share ideas with each another, which could help create the next big program of the decade. And since more people work remotely, they don't need to keep having conference calls or meetings to collaborate. They can do so right through GitHub with the power of social media.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence technology is used a lot to create marketing algorithms. Now that social media is a major part of the marketing and advertising industry, it changes the way marketing algorithms are developed. The algorithms now consider the interests and demographics listed on social media profiles to help advertisers target specific audiences.

For instance, when you start a Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads campaign, you have the option to specify your target audience's location, gender, age-range, and interests. It is the same information listed on people's social media profiles. Once you run the ad campaign, the A.I. system will look for profiles with similar information. Without social media, this advertising technology wouldn't be so accurate in targeting the right audience for your needs.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers used to be people on television who promoted advertisements for their clients. In most cases, the influencers were well-known paid actors who audiences trusted and respected. But now, social media has deteriorated the need for television-based influencer marketing. The only place you find it now is on social media networks like Instagram.

There are two ways you can gain Instagram followers. You can buy Instagram likes, buy Instagram followers or hire an influencer to promote your posts to their followers. Instagram influencers have thousands of followers of their own. They're not necessarily actors or celebrities to anyone outside of social media. But because it influences technology, they can become influencers for other people who need their content promoted.

Quick User Login

Many websites allow users to create new accounts or log into their existing accounts by logging into one of their social media accounts. The integration feature takes information from your social media profile and enters it into the new account form on the website. That way, you can save time from having to fill out the form yourself.

Facebook and LinkedIn are the two most popular social media networks with these login integration features on other websites. They've totally changed how new accounts are created online. As long as your social media profile's personal information is accurate, you won't have to worry about entering it again on another website.


Many developers and programmers have great ideas for what technology to create next. The usual problem is they don't have enough money to finance their vision and turn it into something real. Their only options have traditionally been venture capitalists and bankers. Both of which are difficult to impress.

Now that has all changed, thanks to social media on the internet. Social media crowdfunding allows smart people without money to ask for donations from other people on social media. These donations could help developers create the next big software or hardware technologies of the 21st century.

Since social media makes it easier to share information with friends and family members, it doesn't take long before several hundreds or thousands of people are donating to finance the same technological development. So, if you're an amateur developer without any financial connections personally, then social media crowdfunding is a lifesaver for you.

Information Technology

Perhaps the biggest way in which social media is changing technology is in the I.T. sector. Social media developers are structuring their I.T. systems to center around the types of information and content they want people to see on social media, especially when it comes to political news.

For example, Facebook has been accused of suppressing conservative ads and posts while showcasing more liberal ads and posts. As more social media companies control what information is given to people, the more we lose our fundamental freedom of speech rights.


Social media will continue to change technology for the next couple of decades and vice versa. All technologies will eventually revolve around social media in one way or another. Facebook and Instagram will probably continue to be the social media networks that lead the way in changing technology forever.

Prabhjeet Bhatla

Former Staff

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