How are Bollywood Movies Faring in the Age of Technology Background score plays a major role in making movies a blockbuster in the 21st century

By Tinku Singh

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When one thinks about Bollywood movies, the only thing that comes to one's mind is family and drama. Over the past few years, the definition of bollywood has changed. More than family drama, Bollywood movies now also comprise of action sequences, mythology including an introduction to superheroes in the Bollywood industry. In the last decade, Bollywood has seen major technological developments. Filmmakers have also brought about a vast change in the process of filmmaking, out of which some of it is noticeable and some of it can be keenly observed. Many differences can be seen if the action scenes of 90's are compared with the action scenes of the 21st century. Creation of movies like Ra.One, Dhoom 3, Padmavati and Padman today, are a great instance to showcase how technological developments are getting a foray into the movie industry.

Below listed are few new age media processes used in the 21st-century Bollywood industry:

Special Visual Effects (VFX):

VFX means, the blending of footage with the characters and objects generated on a computer and also the effects. This creates a realistic computer-generated film sequence and digital video. All the ordinary things which you see in the films are because of graphics, for example blasting a whole building, burning house, etc. Some movies have only succeeded in the Bollywood industry because of VFX; they also crossed the records of the box office revenue.

Computer Generated Images (CGI)

Computer Generated Images are a subset of VFX and are used to generate images out of thin air, a filmmaker can paste these images or impose them in a scene. It is impossible to show a crowd of 1,000 people in a movie during the war, but Computer Generated Images make it very easy for the filmmakers. Initially, they had to pay the villagers to play the role of the crowd, now a huge crowd can be depicted with CGI's help.

3D Animation

3 Dimensional Animation is done by sequencing consecutive images or frames in a gradual progression of steps, filmed by a virtual camera and then output to video by a rendering engine. Filmmakers use 3 Dimensional Animation to give their movies a realistic look. 3D Animation is basically the creation of moving pictures in a digital environment.

Audio- Background Score

The audio- background score of Bollywood movies in the 20th century was never in sync with the visuals. If one pays attention to the sound during the action sequence in movies like Sholay or Deewar, it might seem very comical now because of the non-synchronization. Background score plays a major role in making movies a blockbuster in the 21st century.


All these technological developments have been made just for one reason that is to make the audience experience memorable. Bollywood industry is expected to grow by 11% per year until the FY2017. The overall size of the Bollywood industry is expected to grow up to $2.89 billion, from $2.32 billion.

Tinku Singh

Group President& Chief Strategy officer (CSO), SRS Group

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