How To Create an Electronic Signature Know how to create an electronic signature using CocoSign, learn about some notable alternatives to e-signature software, and find out which is best for your business

By Tim Rodland

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Electronic signatures are nothing new, but plenty of people are still struggling to find the most suitable e-signature solution to obtain them. If you're one of them, you've come to the right place. There are plenty of efficient e-signature softwares in the market. Keep reading to find out which appeals to you the most.

How to Do an Electronic Signature

CocoSign can be your first choice to consider. Not only does it provide good entry-level services from creating e-signatures to e-signing, but it is infused with more advanced features like bulk send, reusable templates, and custom branding, liberating thousands of SMBs and professionals from tedious paperwork.

The biggest merit that sends CocoSign clinching our top spot is its simplicity. A feature worth noting is its easy-to-follow walkthrough, which enables you to better comprehend how everything works on the spot. Users are only guided over two screens when creating e-signatures, and CocoSign provides quick access to previously used e-signatures, further simplifying the entire process. Easy-peasy.

Below is the step-by-step instruction on how it works.

  1. Go to Account > Signature.
  2. Select Create Signature.3. Choose your preferred way to input your signature.

3.1 ) Choose Type, use your keyboard to enter your signature, and select the adjustable settings like size and color.

3.2 ) Select Draw, and use your finger, stylus, or a mouse to draw a signature. Customize the width and color to your liking. 3.3 ) Choose Upload to get an image of your hand-written signature from your device or cloud storage services like Google Drive.

4. Once satisfied, click Create Signature.

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Other eSignature Softwares to Make an Electronic Signature

No worries if CocoSign is not your cup of tea. With an increasing number of e-signature solutions flooding the market, there are some well-established options that have been preferred by large enterprises. We've narrowed it down to just our very top favorites. Keep reading to find out which appeals to you the most.

Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign is a behemoth in the e-signature market, a cut above many other competitors. Adobe Sign provides a seamless and comprehensive solution for you to create, sign, and manage all of your documents online via virtually any browser.

It can be easily integrated with other services of Adobe family. With its adoption of state-of-the-art security measures, user's data are secure and protected from prying eyes, especially those of hackers. Its capability to create both electronic signatures and digital signatures also puts it ahead of other alternatives as well.


As another giant in the e-signature landscape, DocuSign also enjoys a huge user base. It features a wholesome blend of simplicity and functionality. Some of its widely-applauded tools include audit trail, custom branding, auto reminders, and bulk send. In accordance with eSignature laws like Esign Act and UETA, DocuSign provides a full-fledged signing system to ensure the enforceability of e-signatures, including strict authentication and traceable signing activities. It offers great integrations to cloud services and CRMs.


PandaDoc is a noted e-signature solution that makes signing documents easy and streamlined. It is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. PandaDoc promises fast and secure e-signatures on any device - tablets, desktops, and laptops. It enables you to send contracts as emails or as direct links, very flexible. Another key selling point is that users get a template gallery with a big selection of ready-to-use and professional templates.


HelloSign is an award-winning electronic signature tool trusted by millions of users around the world. It's dashboard is straightforward and easy-to-navigate. To sign a file, users are merely guided over two screens. It can be integrated with Salesforce and many online storage platforms, say, Google Drive. Organizations can remove all the HelloSign logos and replace them with their own brands. PandaDoc is compliant with HIPAA, GDPR and many other leading industry-specific regulations.


SignNow is an e-signature software that supports legally sound electronic signatures and speedy document signing. It is built with the highest security standards. SignNow has highly-responsive customer support, and you can reach them via multiple channels, such as live chat and ticket system. Besides, you'll be assured of a fully-controllable document workflow, made possible by audit reports, on-time tracking, and customizable signing sequence.

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How to Choose the Best Electronic Signature Platform?

If you are still on the fence, trying to decide which e-signature service to use. We're here to help you make a wiser decision. Below are a list of factors that you should take into account before making your perfect match.

Freelancer or Professional:

Freelancers or professionals require an alternative that is simple enough for occasional signings only. At the same time, you may want it to be cost-effective but not too risky. Most of the e-signature tools on the market can satisfy these demands, but we strongly recommend PandaDoc, Hello Sign, and CocoSign, because they have the following highlights:

Free Versions: They all have a free version allowing new users to sign unlimited documents and download a certain number of signed files per month, without credit cards needed.

Ease of Use: Their interfaces are extra easy-to-navigate, with all the tools and features well-organized and accessible in seconds.

Privacy: They are in position to keep all the unintended parties out of your files. The e-signatures you embedded into your files can no way be copied or forged.

Small and Medium Business:

SMBs are buried under paperwork, including sales contracts and employment agreements. They need something both reasonably priced and feature-laden, say, SignEasy, EverSign, and CocoSign, among which CocoSign is specifically designed to meet the necessities of SMBs and suffices to be your NO.1 choice. Below are where it shines:

Security: A great deal of sensitive information of your clients, employees, and partners can be safeguarded by it's bank-level security measures ranging from 2FA authentication to AES 256-bit encryption.

Compliance: CocoSign is compliant with the regulatory standards, including but not limited to HIPAA, GDPR, and SOC 2 Type II.

Versatility: From creating e-signatures, signing documents, and managing signed PDFs, CocoSign provides all-round features to streamline signature workflows, consisting of audit trail, bulk send, reusable templates, auto and manual reminders, and custom branding.

Large Enterprise:

Large enterprises deal with a hefty amount of documents on a daily basis. Many of them unhesitantly stick with some mature alternatives, like Adobe Sign and DocuSign. Because these tools have a more holistic approach for e-signatures, purging tangible paperwork and taking document workflows up a notch. How? Check below.

Scalability: By allowing your account to be shared by multiple users, these e-signature tools can be incorporated into every department of your companies.

Integration: They offer an API to integrate e-signature into your workflow, which means you can sign, track, and archive your documents in your organization's original management system directly. And they can integrate with numerous tools enterprises are already using, such as Google Drive.

Consistency: Large enterprises should consider using a more stable, mature, and well-established system - because you want your documentation to rest, transmit, and process safely and consistently now and in the future.


Choosing the right e-signature software from the get-go matters much. We've described how to create e-signatures with CocoSign in detail, our favorite e-signature software which offers the right mix of simplicity, functionality, and affordability. We might be biased, but to each his own, you can choose your preferred solution after analyzing the key factors we've listed.
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