Instagram Lite Now Official in Google Play – Custom-Made For Rural Entrepreneurs

Check out a lighter version of Instagram that runs on low-end devices as well

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Instagram took the world instantaneously after it was launched.It has become a trendsetter and a favorite of every youngster. Apart from the most popular use of posting personal pictures, it is being used for many commercial purposes as well around the world.

Instagram loyalists in India now have lots to cheer about as the popular multimedia sharing platform has now made its Instagram Lite application official in the Google Play store. Now, USP of the toned-down (not feature-wise) Instagram is that it is apparently targeted at emerging markets and can easily sync with mobile devices still running comparatively older version of modern Android OSes.

Instagram Lite should work seamlessly with Android OSes starting from Android 5.0. Now, there are advantages that first-time entrepreneurs could derive out of Instagram Lite.

Advantages for first-time entrepreneurs

Since Instagram Lite is custom-made for users in the developing and emerging markets across the world, you could get to enjoy a host of benefits if you are a first-time entrepreneur facing a shoestring budget scenario. Check out these advantages:

  • Occupies very less space within your smartphones: The weathered-down version of Instagram does not require you to delete precious (and vital) data or even photos as it just occupies 573 KB of internal storage. Now, this should be an advantage for rural entrepreneurs considering the fact that they would be able to resort to enjoying all Instagram features without having to feel frustrated about storing personal within the cloud or external storages.

  • Works on slow connections: With Instagram focussing primarily on emerging economies, first-time entrepreneurs could use the app to showcase their offerings even if they have relatively slower (less than average internet speeds) connections. This means that the application should also consume comparatively lesser data when being used; this should translate to important savings of resources as far as first-time entrepreneurs are concerned.

  • You can still use older Androids: In case you are using older Google Android versions (not below Android 5.0), Instagram still runs. Now, this scenario is common across tier-2 and tier-3 regions where the first-time entrepreneur community needs to make significant investments in upgrading to newer Android OSes or even buy new devices running modern operating system iterations.

However, at this juncture, Instagram has stated that it would include, features such as direct message to friends as well as video sharing, in future iterations of Instagram Lite. It is not known whether there would be ads within Instagram Lite. As of now, the app is said to have found acceptance from as many as 1 billion people across the world. It is also worth noting that Facebook has a Facebook Lite messenger which is also a weathered down version of the original.

Other key features of Instagram Lite

Apart from the above, Instagram Lite also offers the below to first-time entrepreneurs:

  • Posting photos and editing them with filters.

• Sharing multiple photos to your story. Incorporating text. These disappear after 24 hours and won't appear on your profile grid or in feed.

• Watching stories from the people you follow

• Discovering stories, photos and videos you might like and follow new accounts on the Explore tab.

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