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#WorldIoTDay: IoT to Make This Summer Conveniently Comfortable With the Internet of Things (IoT) gaining popularity with time, the concept of connected homes is on the rise and people are increasingly adopting smart home devices which can be easily controlled using smartphones, voice assistants or tabs

By Atul Jain

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Weather patterns are changing across India, with many cities experiencing climate-flux. As people get ready for experiencing the shades of the season, it's time to look at the efficient and energy saving ways of cooling to beat the heat. Since more time is spent indoors in this season, people rely on cooling appliances including ACs, coolers and fans to get respite from the scorching heat. If we talk about places with mostly dry weather conditions, fans and air coolers are the preferred choices of cooling, especially in homes with decent cross-ventilation.

Premiumisation on a Rise

Now, with premiumisation gathering pace in India on the back of rising incomes and aspirations along with increased exposure to global lifestyle and technologies, consumers are looking for more depth and meaning with their purchases. They are switching from value-led purchase to smarter purchase and are seeking products that make their lives easier and experiences better. With the Internet of Things (IoT) gaining popularity with time, the concept of connected homes is on the rise and people are increasingly adopting smart home devices which can be easily controlled using smartphones, voice assistants or tabs. There is an ever-increasing demand for smart home appliances, particularly amongst the mobile and technology savvy consumers, which come with the promise of saving time, energy and money, along with added comfort and convenience.

IoT Infused Cooling Appliances

In terms of cooling appliances, while IoT-enabled air conditioners have already been there in the market for some time now, the newest categories to have been invaded by the smart technology are the ceiling fans and air coolers. This case is particularly interesting for ceiling fans which have undergone a complete makeover in the recent years in terms of design and performance. There is a clear affinity towards premium fans in the segment and the focus now is on the integration of IoT technology. Simply imagine controlling your ceiling fan from anywhere, anytime simply with a mobile app. Isn't that convenient? With an IoT-enabled fan, one can manage speed, modes, timer, integrated lighting and much more.

To top it all, we also have IoT enabled fans in the market that are compatible with voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Alexa, which takes convenience to the next level. So, while dozing off on a hot summer afternoon, you don't have to hop out of bed or open the mobile app to set the fan speed to maximum. You can simply ask Alexa to do the needful.

Voice-enabled Devices Gaining Popularity

A few years back, voice-enabled devices would make central narratives of a sci-fi movie. Now, with increased penetration of smartphones and other smart devices, consumers are excited about making everything work by voice. The transition where we have reached today has had a long journey from switches to app-based control and now to the present in-thing - voice control.

Increasing Consumer Awareness about Energy Efficiency

While seeking smarter solutions, consumers are equally conscious about energy savings and the environment. Therefore, investing in a fan with inverter technology is a good idea as it ensures energy savings of 40-50per cent. IoT-enabled fans are also available with inverter technology so that consumers do not have to sacrifice on either convenience or energy savings. If every new ceiling fan sold has inverter technology, India could potentially save 2800 GWh of energy every year.

We are seeing a revolution where digital voice assistants will influence the consumer technology ecosystem in a way that no other device, including smartphones, has done before. As consumers behaviour is shifting, the technology ecosystem is trying to integrate everything with IoT including the most used appliance - fans and coolers.

Atul Jain

Sr. VP & Business Head, Fans, Orient Electric Ltd

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