Marketing to Millennials with AI Technology

AI can even be taken to physical stores to offer consumers more immersive engagement with real-life products

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Marketing to millennials is a tough task. Their consumption patterns are so changing -- be it platforms, devices or content formats -- and all those various parameters which brands need to manage to attract their affinity, and make it stay. It is more important in the current scenario of ever-emerging media platforms with consumers' media loyalty being volatile.


They demand experiences that are personalized and context-sensitive. Most importantly, they want it all to happen in real time, something humans aren't always great at delivering.

What is Artificial Intelligence

So, why is Artificial Intelligence (AI) such a big deal? Which images conjure in one's head when we talk about AI? Robots, sci-fi screens, non-human digitised voices? Let's dispel the mystery.

AI is the smart real-time use of humungous data points -- be it personal -- from the brand/category, ecommerce habits, historic, etc. to assist consumers with personalised and engaging information/experience to influence his/her brand consideration/purchase.

AI As Chatbot On Messenger Platforms

In the simplest form it can be a Chabot riding on messenger platforms to facilitate a personalised e-commerce journey simply based on conversations without human intervention.

AI's Other Functions

It can also be extended to after-sales self-services, can be used to promote a suitable interest-based offer in real-time, to even launch a new product -- all in the virtual world.

AI In 'Real World'

Leave aside the mobile phone, or the internet. AI can even be taken to physical stores to offer consumers more immersive engagement with real-life products to leave a strong impression of the brand on their minds.

Millennials love AI

Thisis evident with the increasing acceptance of it in their interaction with brands, online and offline. So much so, that they are more than willing to trade personal data (a close-to-heart thing in the past) for personalised service as mentioned above. They also love it because it is within their personal space, not with some human assistant peering over their shoulder.

AI is here to stay and will only go from strength to strength in the coming years.