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5 Challenges Faced by Sales Integrated Platforms in India Integrating large applications and data may hinder a better experience for the users and here's what you can do

By Kuldeep Chaudhary

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Streamlining the sales process presents a cost-effective and low-risk opportunity to pave the way for the top line of the organization. Integrated platforms provide a unique cloud-based solution to users connecting different technologies, systems along with enabling data sharing. A platform helps the management to have a centralized system to monitor sales, improve communication and better organize data.

However, there are also some challenges faced by integrated platforms which demand attention.

Platforms are Generic

Platform solutions and point solutions differ in the context of generality and customization. Platforms have the ability to provide more generic solutions and need a keen eye to appreciate their potential, but often customers are looking to solve a particular and immediate problem. Platforms do not solve a problem out of the box and hence need configuration, customization, and integration which requires time and budget.

Although with solution selling, which resolves some of the problems above by creating out of the box point solutions on top of platforms, fragments the team. While plug and play solutions ensure that certain products can be used immediately, it still makes sense to test, train and customize before deployment and implementation.

Challenge in Unifying Technologies and Teams

The ecosystem should be there to understand, appreciate and prefer the value of a broader platform. Successfully integrating disparate technologies into a unified platform is a common problem that many organizations face since platforms introduce some additional complexity. It complicates the sales process considering bringing all the teams on the same page is often a difficult task and the interoperability between different technologies needs to be maintained as well. Many times, ownership rift between different team exacerbates the challenge for integration.

The Pursuit of a Seamless Experience

A successful integration should have a seamless user experience. Integrating large applications and data may hinder a better experience for the users. If there are far too many factors to consider and if deeper level integrations are required, pathways can be complex. There could be problems of data mapping which could be time-consuming and risky or there could be limitations posed by the APIs. When integration takes place between applications located within two different cloud environments, there can be challenges with respect to data migration and semantic mediation as well.

Choosing the Right Vendor

One crucial aspect of integration success is choosing the right vendor for your platform. There are a few considerations to take into account while choosing a vendor such as their research & development capabilities which helps to evolve integration app post-integration and their testing methodologies. Scrupulous testing is the hallmark of a professional vendor who is keen on building products that work without fail. Companies which uses AI for automated marketing campaigns have tried to solve some of the challenges faced by sales integrated platforms and strive to deliver a superior user experience.

Cost of Integration, Data Protection

Integrating systems also come with a cost, including the recurring ones. There will always be costs related to upgrading, customization, training, and various other processes. Not accounting for hidden costs and future expenditure can prove to be a challenge. There are additional efforts required with respect to data backup, archiving and disaster recovery.

Successful integration also calls for post-implementation training to bring everyone onboard. Choosing the right vendor is also important communication and better organize data.

However, there are also some challenges faced by integrated platforms which demand attention because switching between platforms can turn out to be expensive and time-consuming as well.

Successful integration, therefore, demands assessment of the needs of the organization, getting people along with the process, and selecting the automation platform wisely by choosing a trusted partner. If done right, there can be long term benefits of integration. The challenges potentially also open up opportunities for the ones who can solve them and add value.

Kuldeep Chaudhary

CEO, Adohm Adtech

Kuldeep Chaudhary is currently Chief Executive Officer of ADOHM Adtech Pvt Ltd, a new age marketing platform powered by Artificial Intelligence. A B.E. in Electronics and Communications, Kuldeep co- founded ADOHM in the year 2017 along with his brothers Nishant and Sandeep (both engineers).


Starting his professional journey as an RF Engineer, Kuldeep went on to pursue an MBA in International Business from Technische Hochschule Nürnberg, Germany. Kuldeep also co-founded Nikulsan Technologies Pvt Ltd, a digital marketing firm in the year 2010.

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