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The company designed its financial analysis, screener and alerting products accordingly. The products aim to solve three priorities for investors - easy discovery, effortless tracking and real-time alerting of a diverse set of events

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The idea for Trendlyne came from the past experience of the founder in the analytics business and as an investor in the stock market. Amber Pabreja, founder, Trendlyne discovered investing in the stock market meant having to sit through confusing, often contradictory information. According to Pabreja, his personal experience in wrangling with his portfolios, all the while knowing that tech could solve the problems led to the inception of Trendlyne.

The driving belief for the company is that it is possible to make investment products of institutional quality available to everyone. Certain products help investors get outsize returns – like backtesting, complex screeners, and real-time alerts – but they have always been very expensive for regular investors. The team wanted to make the products available to a larger pool of users, while also using algorithms to quickly identify the quality of a stock.

The first products launched by the company when Trenlyne was launched were screeners and backtesting – products that were extremely expensive at that point in time. According to Pabreja, democratizing the stock market is good for both the stock market and investors. It is one of those rare 'win-win' scenarios in the modern world. More people participating in the stock market makes it less volatile while the stocks and mutual funds generally outperform investments like property over long periods.

The company designed its financial analysis, screener and alerting products accordingly. The products aim to solve three priorities for investors - easy discovery, effortless tracking and real-time alerting of a diverse set of events.

The belief of a startup founder is often to enter a market with the idea "tech will solve anything". Pabreja believes technology is a key element. However, it is not a silver bullet and one has to address the problems like difficult situations, regulations, entrenched players, unexpected customer preferences or significant cost challenges.

"I would say - take time to do the research, talk to insiders, and start the company with a senior team member or a highly engaged investor who is from the industry. It is a complex industry with multiple opportunities. It is so broad and diverse with many players, you have to be very clear about your demographic, your market size and the legacy infrastructure in the space," advised Pabreja to the budding entrepreneurs.

Getting meetings with major stakeholders was a key challenge – something that will be familiar to startups trying to enter any industry. We were outsiders in this space, so our early investors were critical in making the right introductions and getting us face-rime with the C-suite.

Trendlyne has raised its Series A funding round and will be raising additional funds after approximately 9-12 months as the company plans to double its team size in the next six to eight months. Trendlyne is also expanding its product suite to new geographies in the next financial year while having multiple product launches in the pipeline for the Indian market that will be rolled out to its B2B and B2C customers. The company comprises both B2C and B2B customers. The B2B customers are primarily brokerages. According to Pabreja, TrendLyne provides about 800 million pages and APIs per month to large players and start-ups in the financial market space while having 21 large B2B clients, including India's major brokerages.

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