Data Means Cloud and Cloud Means Security – How SMBs are Enjoying Cloud Computing

SMBs are getting stronger with the use of Cloud Computing; this is how

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Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) have been showing immense growth and this growth means a definite rise in the size of data. The volume of data that is directly proportional to the success of a company, needs assistance with its delicate management. And here Cloud Computing has established itself to be in perfect sync with the Indian market and has emerged as a proven blessing that resolves all the storage woes across the globe.

Cloud platforms are serving as a one-stop podium providing storage, security and data control at affordable costs.

Cloud Benefits SMBs are Enjoying

Cloud Computing is helping entrepreneurs manage their data. Its solutions are in perfect sync with SMBs pertaining to factors like scalability, affordability and efficiency as a hosting platform, which is quite attractive to such businesses. Sharing, syncing, storing and archiving of data of any size and in any form can never be as easy as it is in the cloud environment. Cloud Services also offers businesses with an assortment of management tools and easy access to files and applications, from any location and on any device.

When it comes to scaling your business more always seems to be less. Businesses and entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to make their businesses stronger.

Barry Cooks, Chief Technology Officer of Cloud Computing Company – Digital Ocean is in all praise about the digital space in India but believes that the SMBs need more assistance in terms of Cloud Computing. He says, "SMBs are an under-served market. We are very focused on SMBs in providing the simplest set of solutions to meet the needs. When you look at the big cloud vendors, there are a very large set of vendors operating in the market.

Given our background and start, this market that has been under-served for so long is a huge one with immense growth rate where the startup market is growing very fast. The digital extension in India has been very strong in terms of availability of cheap data and customers to be able to connect to these right markets we are focused on. The SMBs are not looking for 500 ways to do one thing. They are looking for one particular way to do one thing." And here they are operating in order to provide building blocks to help you focus on solving your problem.

Data Security

Cloud resolves the problem of storage but what about the security of all those sensitive data? Just as the technology resolves all the storage issues of business, similarly it also takes the responsibility of securing them. This has put the Cloud Computing operators on toes to secure their cloud services as much as they can.

Shiven Ramji, SVP of Product, DigitalOcean points out, "We are making significant investments now in security. All the new products and features that we are building, we are thinking about how can we add security scanning and vulnerability scanning into the product. Everyone is soon going to witness future investments that will try to essentially try to secure environment by default and in an out-of-the-box manner as much as possible."


Businesses big and small both need to have control over their data. And not just security control. They should be able to pull the strings whenever some data gets shared with the wrong individual. With its help, businesses can track every alteration that is made, enabling SMBs to further reinstate the security of their data and have records to back it up.
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